Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My Traveling Words

Do your kids ask you "how do I spell (insert word)?  I absolutely think it's important for us to teach our kids to use available resources.  They need to learn to use the word wall, books, environmental print and the words that are available to them throughout the classroom.  Of course, I teach them to write the sounds that they hear but another resource in my classroom is their traveling word wall words. 

One of the things that I've used with my kids starting in Kinder is a personal word wall.  These are the words that are IMPORTANT to that specific child.  It may be their video game name, the place they visited during a vacation, or a favorite t.v. show.  These are the things that they want to write about.  

After they have recorded the correct way to spell their important word in their traveling word wall they ALWAYS have it to refer back to AND they can be helpful to others that are interested in that word. 

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I will use a hole punch to place a hole in the corner and place a binder ring to hold these together.
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BUT if you don't have binder rings then I think ribbon in a double knot would also work great.  I plan to hang these on command hooks in the classroom for easy access BUT tacks would be another option.

Word walls ARE IMPORTANT but kids are not going to use the word wall if we (teachers) don't use the word wall.  If we throw words up there and say "use the word wall" we have NOT taught them how to use it.  

Each week we add words to our word wall and practice finding them, reading them and using them.  I have used Word Wall Celebrations for many years as a way to introduce new words.  It gets kids moving, thinking and using these words.  

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You can also pick up my Sight Words for the Year.  This pack contains the first 300 sight words that our new readers need to know.  This pack contains the flashcards and sight word bracelets to wear home as they are learning them.

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Hopefully I've shared something that will be helpful to you.


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