Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Eraser Rewards

How about a new and fun reward in the classroom?!  I LOVE watching the kids chart their progress and get motivated to do better...or learn from their mistakes.  Honestly, this is LIFE we all make mistakes, right?! What if we had eraser awards in the classroom?? 


I have the perfect place to display them.  Yes, it's a pencil holder BUT the pencils can hold your super cool erasers or pencil toppers that the kids can choose from.  Oriental Trading has so many to choose from.

You could even put out thematic pencil toppers for the kids to earn.  How fun!!!

Another classroom management tool that I like to use in my classroom is using currency to help the kids understand financial literacy while working on personal responsibilities.  

I've created a behavior that makes "cents" that I like to use with my kids.  You can read all about it here.  Every year is different and what works one year may not work the next but I like to start with this as I'm getting to know my children PLUS they are working on that coin recognition and adding coins ;-) --which we all know takes lots and lots of practice.


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