Sunday, August 13, 2017

Get a Job

Do your students have jobs? I'm talking about classroom jobs...

I think classroom jobs are IMPORTANT and CRITICAL in the community building within a classroom.  The classroom is NOT just yours (teachers) it's ours (teachers and students).  If the kids have a job or responsibility they will learn to appreciate and take care of their areas, which only lessens some of the jobs that the teachers have.

Seriously, kids need responsibility and by given them a job in the classroom you are helping them to understand the importance of everyone working together to make a classroom run smoothly.

I've made a list of jobs that my students will have the opportunity to work throughout the year. These are jobs that my classroom needs. I know every classroom is different so some of these may not work for you but they are EDITABLE.  Just type in the name of the job you want for your kids.

On each job sheet I list the responsibilities of that particular job.  For example, The Absent Work Manager, is a very important job if a student is absent.  Their job is to put the WE MISSED YOU folder on that absent student's desk.  Throughout the day they will make sure anything that is passed out is put nicely in the folder for the absent student.

Pick it up {here}

How do you display your class jobs in the classroom?

My student's lockers are in the classroom so I will put small magnets on these job cards and place them on each locker.  They will be responsible for that job for the entire week and on Friday my Teacher Secretary will rotate them for the following week.

It's a job WELL DONE!

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