Sunday, August 27, 2017


Well, we have spent the past couple of days getting things checked off our TO DO list.  My classroom is ready for future leaders, scientist, doctors and world changers.  Jenna thought I needed to do a room tour so if your curious and have the time then check out my classroom.


On Saturday, I volunteered my family to help with the school garden.  I LOVE the idea of our garden and haven't really utilized it like I should.  My plan is to change that this year.  We showed up Saturday ready to help but Josh is still recovering from a herniated disc and has only been walking good for about a week.  When we showed up someone asked him to use the auger....I knew there was no way he could do that so I was like...I'LL DO IT.  

Out of the 4 men that were there only 1 didn't have a bad back.  I had already taken charge of this gigantic machine but I was thankful for Jojo's help.  I didn't think I was that much of a help until this morning.  Oh, I helped.  My back says I helped and my arms say I was a huge help.  I. AM. SORE.

We decided to bring Brew with us and put her in her crate right inside the school while we were working.  No big deal.....until the entire campus gets an email saying there was a dog found loose in the school.  What in the world?!?!  Well, apparently our school secretary showed up and heard Brew and decided to let her out for some water.  She never saw us around the corner in the garden and assumed the dog was left.  Panic.  I was am I going to explain this to my brand new boss.  This was not going to be good.

Let me just say.....I LOVE my new boss.  Love her.  I sent an email to her to explain and beg forgiveness.  She basically thought it was a funny story and said bring her anytime you want. Oh my....yay, for not having to find a new job. ;-)

We got up early this morning to finish working on the TO DO list with making play dough on the top.  

I need play dough this week for a lesson BUT I think it is also a great activity for kids the first couple days of school.  It keeps their hands and minds busy while you are greeting new students and handling paperwork.

This recipe is SUPER EASY and cheap.  

We are all set for play dough for the first day of school.

Next, I needed to get in the garage and finish up a few crafts that I started.  One of the things that Jenna wanted before school started was a Praise and Prayer board.  

She loves it and has already started using it. ;-)

A few fall porch signs because fall is my favorite.

I also decided to make Josh's coffee can for his class match his classroom theme.  That's really important.
A think a thin blue line coffee is more appropriate.  Of course he needs a sugar jar to match...

I have a feeling he is so happy that I save jars and cans.  

While I was cleaning jars I thought I'd try out a couple of teacher treat jars too.

The glare on the jars kind of throws of my color but I think they turned out cute and will make a nice teacher gift filled with chocolate.

Finally, I planned our dinners for the first week back to school.  

Other than all our first week jitters I think we are ready to get this school year started.  Have a sweet week!!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sharing Some Winning Dinners

I think some of our sweetest times together are at the dinner table.  It's not all magic and rainbows every night at dinner and sometimes we sit there in silence.  There is just something important about sitting at the dinner table together thatI LOVE and feel in my soul that it's important for families to do no matter what the topic of conversation is.

I'm always looking on Pinterest for ways to turn 2 ingredients in my cabinet into a magical feast for the family.  I don't always save my recipes on boards and I usually change things in the recipe based on what's in my pantry.

Dinner usually goes something like this....Look in the pantry and fridge...okay, I have sausage and I go to Pinterest and type in:  sausage and broccoli recipes

I go through and find the recipe that sounds good and make it.  Some nights it's success {{BOOM}} -everyone's impressed and some nights it's {{WOW}}-that was interesting, let's not do that again.

The first WINNING recipe from this week is....

Fettuccine with Roasted Red Pepper

Click {{here}}
Click the link for the recipe BUT here is how I changed it to make it work for us:  

First, I used Alfredo Sauce from a jar.......I know some of you are cringing but that's just how we roll sometimes.{{and honestly, I have craft plans for those jars}} I only used about one-fourth a cup of sauce and mix it with the noodles  and then added the chicken. 

Second, I cut up half of a red bell pepper, sauteed it in olive oil in my chicken pan and added it to the top of our noodles.

It was a WINNER!-even Jenna loved it although she didn't have the bell peppers. ;-) her loss.

Dinner #2 this week was.....okay, first I have to say that the name sounds NASTY...and I'm not sure why I picked this to cook BUT so glad I did because it's a new family favorite.  So just don't focus on the name.  

I think I chose it because I had chicken and cauliflower.  Just call it chicken casserole because you are going to want to make this for the fam. It was Jenna's favorite this week.

Here is how I changed it to make it work for us:

First, we were out of verde salsa so I just used red salsa.  So basically mine should be called Red Chicken Enchilada Cauliflower Casserole.  Longest name ever.

Second, I didn't use cilantro....I didn't have any.  

Trust me ya'll it was good.

Dinner #3 this week...I feel like I should get some kind of cooking award or homemaker award.  I'm killing' it.  

I don't know about you but I love some breakfast for dinner.  This was good and it made enough for breakfast too. Double win.

Here's how I changed it:

The recipe says 15 was still like egg soup.  So I cooked mine for 30 minutes and it was perfect. I added a little maple syrup to the top of mine and again, it was a WINNER!!  So yummy.

Oh and I just thought you'd like to see my cute little treasures from Magnolia Market and a sneak peek at my latest project I'm working on.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Get a Job

Do your students have jobs? I'm talking about classroom jobs...

I think classroom jobs are IMPORTANT and CRITICAL in the community building within a classroom.  The classroom is NOT just yours (teachers) it's ours (teachers and students).  If the kids have a job or responsibility they will learn to appreciate and take care of their areas, which only lessens some of the jobs that the teachers have.

Seriously, kids need responsibility and by given them a job in the classroom you are helping them to understand the importance of everyone working together to make a classroom run smoothly.

I've made a list of jobs that my students will have the opportunity to work throughout the year. These are jobs that my classroom needs. I know every classroom is different so some of these may not work for you but they are EDITABLE.  Just type in the name of the job you want for your kids.

On each job sheet I list the responsibilities of that particular job.  For example, The Absent Work Manager, is a very important job if a student is absent.  Their job is to put the WE MISSED YOU folder on that absent student's desk.  Throughout the day they will make sure anything that is passed out is put nicely in the folder for the absent student.

Pick it up {here}

How do you display your class jobs in the classroom?

My student's lockers are in the classroom so I will put small magnets on these job cards and place them on each locker.  They will be responsible for that job for the entire week and on Friday my Teacher Secretary will rotate them for the following week.

It's a job WELL DONE!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sew....I DID it!!

For the past 2 years I have looked at seat pockets and thought I'd really need like to have some of those beauties for the classroom.  I've also thought there is no way I can pay that much for those.  

I've sewn something once before so I thought "I really think I could do this."  Well, just as summer is wrapping up and I am running out of time to get things done I've decided to start this project.
You're not allowed to examine them closely AND honestly, they are a hot mess.  I'm praying they last at least half way through the school year.  If you think they look like a mess I will tell you it's "Shabby Chic". 😉

I used Archer All Stars video to help me as I went through this little project.  She has a video that walks you through how to do this but on a smaller scale.

If you're dying to take on this project yourself I say "Go For It"!

Hopefully you can use what I did and didn't do to help you.

I didn't practice on scrap material first....dumb.  So after I messed up 2 pieces I got smart and thought....I should practice on scrap.

I actually had scrap material in the colors that I use in my classroom so since my practice seat pocket turned out nice okay it is now on my teacher seat.  I think it will make a great sub seat pocket filled with all the little things that a sub may need, for example: nurse slips, behavior tickets, treats, timers or anything else that is small and helpful. ;-)

I would not recommend using regular fabric material for the students.  I just don't think that they will last or be durable enough.

I purchased a canvas drop cloth from Home Depot to use as my student seat pockets.  It's thick and strong and exactly what is needed for kids.

Click here 
I just purchased ONE and really needed TWO.  The second one I bought was from Wal-mart and I don't think it feels as strong as the Home Depot material.  So I may regret this by Christmas if they even last that long.

I cut my pieces 19 inches in width and 36 inches in length.  I folded one pocket to be 10 inches deep and the pocket that sits on the chair to be be 8 inches deep. I ironed my pieces and pinned them before I ever started sewing.

The plan is for the students to use these for their journals and folders.  I will update later in the school year to let you know how they go.

Have a sweet day!

Friday, August 11, 2017

A SPECIAL Note from Your Teacher

Do you leave notes out for your kids?  Do you need something for a Back to School goody? Are you students anxious about a test coming up?

I've made an editable DONUT WORRY note to leave for you kids.
You can get it {{here}}

You could add little donut erasers with the note.  I found my donut erasers at the Dollar Tree but I'm sure you could find them on Amazon - and of course, real donuts would be a sweet treat to have as you reviewed for an upcoming test, a treat at Meet the Teacher Night or just a reminder to Not Worry-They've Got This!

Have a SWEET day!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

You Say it's Your BIRTHDAY....

How do you celebrate birthdays in your classroom?  

Silly straws for the win from Dollar Tree!!  Plus, I have always made a class book with my kids and I decided to give a fresh, sweet new look.

Every student gets a page the morning of the birthday student's special day.  This is the morning work for the day ;-) . My birthday student gets to decorate the cover.

The kids love reading the sweet birthday messages from their classmates AND it's a sweet keepsake to go back and revisit.  PLUS, it's free! 
I like to give my birthday student a little treat like a pencil or silly straw.  This year I found silly straws at the Dollar Tree, six for a $1.  Woot! Woot! But I think the birthday book would be just fine.  
A lot of my kids would keep these in their desk or backpack and pull them out to reread throughout the year.

You can pick up the tags and book {here}.

Have a SWEET day!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Let's Read...with Wands!!

Well friends, what do you do when you have just a few days left of summer and whole list of things that you need to get done???

You create new things to do that have nothing to do with your list of things to do. That's what I do. 
I've been busy making pencil holders and stumbled across another teacher making troll wands.  They were super cute.....AND they gave me an idea...

I created 20 different strategies to stick on pencils.  You can get them at my TPT store.  These can be used in whole group, small group, stations or buddy reading.  

Your kiddos can choose a reading wand and focus on that particular skill while reading their book. Of course, I have the perfect place to hold these wands...A Reading Wand Holder.  Isn't this what every class needs??!!  That's what I thought too.

...and in case you haven't heard..

I'm having a **GIVEAWAY**!!

Do you LOVE farmhouse decor?? Do you LOVE it in the classroom??  This farmhouse picture would be great for pictures with your kids too...

Look at my little model...can't you tell she's thrilled about me taking her picture!?  In order to be in the giveaway all you need to do is...

*Like my Facebook Page and
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You can also increase your chances by:

*Follow me on Instagram @sweetestsecondsinaday
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Super easy!!  Good luck! The giveaway ends Sunday 8/13.  Good luck.  No worries if you don't can always email with your order.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My Traveling Words

Do your kids ask you "how do I spell (insert word)?  I absolutely think it's important for us to teach our kids to use available resources.  They need to learn to use the word wall, books, environmental print and the words that are available to them throughout the classroom.  Of course, I teach them to write the sounds that they hear but another resource in my classroom is their traveling word wall words. 

One of the things that I've used with my kids starting in Kinder is a personal word wall.  These are the words that are IMPORTANT to that specific child.  It may be their video game name, the place they visited during a vacation, or a favorite t.v. show.  These are the things that they want to write about.  

After they have recorded the correct way to spell their important word in their traveling word wall they ALWAYS have it to refer back to AND they can be helpful to others that are interested in that word. 

Click here

I will use a hole punch to place a hole in the corner and place a binder ring to hold these together.
Click here
BUT if you don't have binder rings then I think ribbon in a double knot would also work great.  I plan to hang these on command hooks in the classroom for easy access BUT tacks would be another option.

Word walls ARE IMPORTANT but kids are not going to use the word wall if we (teachers) don't use the word wall.  If we throw words up there and say "use the word wall" we have NOT taught them how to use it.  

Each week we add words to our word wall and practice finding them, reading them and using them.  I have used Word Wall Celebrations for many years as a way to introduce new words.  It gets kids moving, thinking and using these words.  

Click here
You can also pick up my Sight Words for the Year.  This pack contains the first 300 sight words that our new readers need to know.  This pack contains the flashcards and sight word bracelets to wear home as they are learning them.

Click here

Hopefully I've shared something that will be helpful to you.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Eraser Rewards

How about a new and fun reward in the classroom?!  I LOVE watching the kids chart their progress and get motivated to do better...or learn from their mistakes.  Honestly, this is LIFE we all make mistakes, right?! What if we had eraser awards in the classroom?? 


I have the perfect place to display them.  Yes, it's a pencil holder BUT the pencils can hold your super cool erasers or pencil toppers that the kids can choose from.  Oriental Trading has so many to choose from.

You could even put out thematic pencil toppers for the kids to earn.  How fun!!!

Another classroom management tool that I like to use in my classroom is using currency to help the kids understand financial literacy while working on personal responsibilities.  

I've created a behavior that makes "cents" that I like to use with my kids.  You can read all about it here.  Every year is different and what works one year may not work the next but I like to start with this as I'm getting to know my children PLUS they are working on that coin recognition and adding coins ;-) --which we all know takes lots and lots of practice.