Sunday, July 30, 2017

They Make a Tool for That???

I seriously don't know what I'd do without my neighbors. I currently have nice garage lights, a supply of repurposed wood, saw blades, saw horses and I'm sure countless other tools that my neighbors have supplied me with.  I probably drive them crazy!  

These past few days I've been busy making pencil holders in my garage for several different people. 
You can order here or contact me by email.

And then look what I did???  After all my hard work I went out to spray a clear protective laquer on it. 

Uh huh, that is NOT clear...that is white!!  Why would they make a white protective coat?? I almost cried.

Y'all....every night I'm sitting on the couch with "ice on my wrist" AND NOT THIS KIND OF ICE!

I'm talking about the COLD ice that starts to burn after awhile.  Do you want to know why??
Well, for every hole in that pencil holder I have to drill it 3 times. Yes, for one pencil holder that has 20 holes I've actually drilled 60 TIMES!!  That is a lot of drilling and that is why my wrist feels as though it may separate from my body.

Now picture my neighbor stopping by to check on me.....and picture them asking why are you doing it like that??  Now picture my face explaining that this is how it has to be done to get the just right hole. Finally, picture my face when they tell me that there is a tool that you just set the wood under and it drills right into the wood in a straight simple easy line.  ONCE. {{sigh}}  

It's called a drill press and it is heaven.  It was as though I was drilling through butter. My neighbor even set up a jig-(I don't even know what this is BUT I think it's nice) and  a stool for me to sit at and put the pencil holes in the holders.  Seriously, WHO HAS THE BEST NEIGHBORS EVER?!!!?!!

And since my neighbors have all the tools I thought......hmmmm, maybe he could help cut some slices of wood because I have another idea.

best neighbors ever

Y'all he was like a spider monkey climbing his garage walls pulling different saws from different cabinets. He seriously pulled out 10 different saws because what I asked him to do was NOT EASY.  At one point it took all 4 of us to cut the wood and catch it so that it wouldn't hit the ground and knock the bark off.  It didn't quite work as nice as we would have liked.

No worries....he was up early in the morning visiting another neighbor for his saw.  

And LOOK at these beautiful pieces!!  Apparently there is the perfect tool for this too. I'm so excited about all the things I'm planning to do!!

Speaking of the perfect tool my BFF visited with her cricket...
Of course I had a list of words that needed to be cut out. I CANNOT wait to share my next little trash to treasure. 

There is really nothing sweeter than friends and neighbors that are friends. 

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