Saturday, July 15, 2017

Since We've Been Home

Well we've made it back home and after 3 weeks of being outdoors I've come to realize some important things...



Seriously, it was the best trip ever and it was FULL of memories, laughs and fun.  One of my favorite things that we do any time we camp is journal our daily adventures. 

For Christmas Josh bought all of us our journals that we could decorate as we pleased.  I LOVE them!
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They come in a pack of 3 (perfect) and the cover is cardboard so you can decorate how you choose...yes, please.  

Josh also puts the longitude and latitude in his in case the kids ever want to go back to exact spots that we visited.  I barely know North, South, East and West so I don't do that.  It's fun to go back and remember and laugh about past adventures-especially when we all have a different perspective of the thing. 

I have a list of things that I want to try and several new things that I want to learn and not to mention the things that I've pinned on Pinterest that need me.  So as soon as we got home I started crafting and working in the garage.

Don't you LOVE my work area??  Seriously, the day after we came home from our trip Josh built and created a work space in the garage JUST FOR ME!!  

The neighbors gave us new garage lights and helped us install them --wasn't that sooo sweet?!   So now I can work in there ALL NIGHT! -(if you know me then you know my bedtime is 8:30 so it's not that crazy in the garage)

The neighbors have really helped to contribute to my need to make "old things new" or turn a "trash to treasure".  Not only did they give us new garage lights but they also picked up this cool old frame that someone was throwing away.

I forgot to take a picture before I started sanding so it's already been changed a little - picture it darker with a lot of dirt caked on it.

I'm a little torn on how to complete it.  I'm thinking a little burlap and a beautiful green wreath.

--but I LOVE the new look of it so far. What do you think?

I have several crafts in the works right now and want to share but I've gotta get things ready for this little, four-legged friend's visit for the weekend.

We are all a little curious if this relationship will pick up where it left??



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