Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Get #Techy With It

I love, love, love learning new things to try in the classroom and sometimes I need reminders or refreshers of great things I've learned and forgotten.😁

Do you ever get information OvErLoAd???  Yea, well that's I thought I better put the things that I'm LOVING all in one place.  That way I can share my learning and easily find it when I need it.

So let me share some of my sweetest takeaways from the 2017 TCEA Tots and Technology Conference...

Kiddle is a visual search engine for kids to use. This would be great for kids to use for research.

Did you know that all Duck Duck Moose Apps are FREE?? - I'd say go to the app store and download whatever educational app that you need now.

One of my favorites is Chatterpix Kids.  

Kids LOVE this to make objects, pictures, or drawings come alive.  Find out more and download {here}.

Popplet app

This app is mind maps and can be used for story elements and to brainstorm writing.  Find out more and download {here}.

Storyboard That app

This is a great way for students to verbalize and think about their writing.  This can be used for characterization, responding to stories, brainstorming, and the teacher can decide the number of squares for the students to use.  Check out this app {here}.-You can do everything that needs to be done on the FREE version.

Telestory app 
This is great app for kids to use if they want to give a weather forecast, news report or critique a book. It's a movie maker where kids are the stars.  Check it out {here}. 

Tellegami app

This app can be used for characterization. Check out more about it {here}.

Padlet app

I have shared this app before {here} and how I like to use it. You can download it {here}.  There were a lot of discussions at the conference about using it as a place to put websites and apps that you want to direct your students to, a lot like a symbaloo.


This app allows you to pick students and use question stems that are unique to each individual student based on cognitive or linguistic needs. That's kinda cool. 

Most of us have heard of and played Kahoot with our kids BUT have you used Quizizz.  This is a way for kids to review content in a fun game that you can add MEMES (who doesn't love memes) that you can place after questions to motivate students. 

Like Kahoot they will receive points based on correct answers and the amount of time spent answering it BUT it's done at the the student's own pace.  Students can look at their own device and don't need to look at the board. It will also read questions and answer choices for students if needed.  It can be played live or used throughout the day in stations.  I'm looking forward to using this in the classroom.

Shadow Puppet is an app where kids can be creative while making videos using their own pictures! It has nothing to do with puppets.

It would be great to use for story sequencing, summarizing, reading fluency, how to tutorials and reader's theater.

EDpuzzle is a way to use videos that you want to crop and add you're own questions throughout the video for students to answer and review while they are watching it.  They must answer the question before they can continue to watch it.

It provides teachers with a video bank that they can use and modify as needed for your class. 


This is a very simple website so don't close it thinking something is wrong.  It's an online voice recorder.  This would be great to help with fluency! Also, when you save it you will get a code that you can embed or make a QR code. It can be saved for documentation or sent to parents. 💙 

**Gift Idea** Place their QR code on a gift at Christmas of them reading a message, poem, story or sweet thought for parents.

Obviously this is not everything but I hope I've shared something new for you to try too. 

Oh and the flexible seating was on point...

Save the BROWNIE!

I LOVE to try new things in the classroom and I cannot wait to share how they are working OR NOT working for me and my kids.

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