Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Christmas in July

Well, it's not really Christmas and if you ask Josh he would say that he has received what would be equivalent to coal for some people... 😁 Especially when he was helping pull nails from all of these. 
Yes, this is a TON of scrap wood.  My neighbor, the one who gave us garage lights, gave me a trailer FULL of scrap wood.  

I'm super excited BUT also a little overwhelmed.  I normally have 8-9 pieces and have to get really creative if I want to make something. 

{{$35 dollars plus shipping - click here to purchase
1ftX2ft with hanger on back to hang on wall}}

This Texas sign was my last project I made with all my scraps. I loved how it turned out! I think it would look great with a heart burned in it where you live...or where someone you love lives. 

Last week I attempted to make a giant Jenga for the classroom.  Well, I didn't measure my pieces across the top and just decided to cut each piece 10 inches. That actually doesn't work... Basically, I was setting the kids up to fail-->terrible!

This was upsetting because it was HOT outside and I had already worked so hard on all the wrong pieces.  


I turned my mistake into this cute little back to school gift for teachers.  Doesn't every teacher need a pencil holder? Why yes they do! 
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I'm not sure if I'm going to finish my Jenga before school starts because my "to do" list (which is really my "fun list") is growing and my summer is shrinking.

I'm currently working on something that I think is going to be my ALL TIME favorite project.  I can't wait to show you the final results of that little "trash to treasure". 

Lately, some of my sweetest seconds have been in the garage with a pony tail and power tools.

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