Monday, July 31, 2017

Getting Things Ready for the BTS

I'm sure you can picture my cabinets at the house and I'm positive that I would drive some of you crazy but my sweet family has learned to LOVE it....I think.  Josh doesn't even ask me anymore if I want him to save....this or that, he just washes the container and puts it away for me.  He's pretty great.  If you read my last post then you know that I bought WHITE enamel paint on accident. Well, I decided to use it on some of my jars in the cabinet.

I needed another (yes another) place to keep writing utensils.  I'm a teacher....we love all the writing things. ;-) This paint was perfect for the jars.  I love how the color turned out.  I cut up some old fabric for the ribbon around the top.

A circular sponge made the just right polka dots and I taped off one of the jars and used chalkboard spray paint to cover the bottom.
Yes, that's glitter on my workbench.  Every girl needs glitter all over her workbench, right?!

The writing is vinyl that I cut out using my friend's cricut...that thing is AH-MAZING. It's on my wish list.😏

I decided to turn Jenna's lemonade stand into a writing station for the classroom.  Ever since the construction quit pushing traffic down our street lemonade business has not been good.  The stand has just been sitting in the I painted it.

Really, the most important thing that you get out of this blog is that you should never leave anything around my house for too long.

...because I will repurpose it. I LOVE how it turned out and I think the kids are going to love coming here to write.  

Click Here

If you are looking for writing prompts you can pick up my "I Can Write" writing prompts here. They provide students with ideas for a variety of purposes to write. I put mine on rings and hang them in the classroom. The kids use these when they get stuck or need ideas.  

Email me if you are interested in purchasing your own birthday sign.

The birthday sign was made with old fence pickets, ribbon and small clothespins.  In the past I've used pictures of the kids holding the name of their birthday month. But the past 2 years I've had so many kids moving in and out that it was too hard to keep up with.  I think that this will be much easier to manage for me.

And I can't forget the pencil holders.  My little helper helping me get pencil holes into them. We are loving the drill press. ;-)

Finally, my "hello sign" is a repurposed cabinet door.  I painted it with the chalkboard spray paint because I thought the "hello" cut from particle board looked like 3D chalk.

If you have ever used a scroll saw then you probably know that scrolling out letters from particle board is not easy.  Y' was hard but I was determined to get it cut out.  I wouldn't suggest particle board BUT if that's all you have in your garage then GO FOR IT! may not want to leave anything at my house for too long or it will become one of my '"sweetest seconds".

Sunday, July 30, 2017

They Make a Tool for That???

I seriously don't know what I'd do without my neighbors. I currently have nice garage lights, a supply of repurposed wood, saw blades, saw horses and I'm sure countless other tools that my neighbors have supplied me with.  I probably drive them crazy!  

These past few days I've been busy making pencil holders in my garage for several different people. 
You can order here or contact me by email.

And then look what I did???  After all my hard work I went out to spray a clear protective laquer on it. 

Uh huh, that is NOT clear...that is white!!  Why would they make a white protective coat?? I almost cried.

Y'all....every night I'm sitting on the couch with "ice on my wrist" AND NOT THIS KIND OF ICE!

I'm talking about the COLD ice that starts to burn after awhile.  Do you want to know why??
Well, for every hole in that pencil holder I have to drill it 3 times. Yes, for one pencil holder that has 20 holes I've actually drilled 60 TIMES!!  That is a lot of drilling and that is why my wrist feels as though it may separate from my body.

Now picture my neighbor stopping by to check on me.....and picture them asking why are you doing it like that??  Now picture my face explaining that this is how it has to be done to get the just right hole. Finally, picture my face when they tell me that there is a tool that you just set the wood under and it drills right into the wood in a straight simple easy line.  ONCE. {{sigh}}  

It's called a drill press and it is heaven.  It was as though I was drilling through butter. My neighbor even set up a jig-(I don't even know what this is BUT I think it's nice) and  a stool for me to sit at and put the pencil holes in the holders.  Seriously, WHO HAS THE BEST NEIGHBORS EVER?!!!?!!

And since my neighbors have all the tools I thought......hmmmm, maybe he could help cut some slices of wood because I have another idea.

best neighbors ever

Y'all he was like a spider monkey climbing his garage walls pulling different saws from different cabinets. He seriously pulled out 10 different saws because what I asked him to do was NOT EASY.  At one point it took all 4 of us to cut the wood and catch it so that it wouldn't hit the ground and knock the bark off.  It didn't quite work as nice as we would have liked.

No worries....he was up early in the morning visiting another neighbor for his saw.  

And LOOK at these beautiful pieces!!  Apparently there is the perfect tool for this too. I'm so excited about all the things I'm planning to do!!

Speaking of the perfect tool my BFF visited with her cricket...
Of course I had a list of words that needed to be cut out. I CANNOT wait to share my next little trash to treasure. 

There is really nothing sweeter than friends and neighbors that are friends. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Christmas in July

Well, it's not really Christmas and if you ask Josh he would say that he has received what would be equivalent to coal for some people... 😁 Especially when he was helping pull nails from all of these. 
Yes, this is a TON of scrap wood.  My neighbor, the one who gave us garage lights, gave me a trailer FULL of scrap wood.  

I'm super excited BUT also a little overwhelmed.  I normally have 8-9 pieces and have to get really creative if I want to make something. 

{{$35 dollars plus shipping - click here to purchase
1ftX2ft with hanger on back to hang on wall}}

This Texas sign was my last project I made with all my scraps. I loved how it turned out! I think it would look great with a heart burned in it where you live...or where someone you love lives. 

Last week I attempted to make a giant Jenga for the classroom.  Well, I didn't measure my pieces across the top and just decided to cut each piece 10 inches. That actually doesn't work... Basically, I was setting the kids up to fail-->terrible!

This was upsetting because it was HOT outside and I had already worked so hard on all the wrong pieces.  


I turned my mistake into this cute little back to school gift for teachers.  Doesn't every teacher need a pencil holder? Why yes they do! 
{{$12 each plus shipping Click here to order}}

I'm not sure if I'm going to finish my Jenga before school starts because my "to do" list (which is really my "fun list") is growing and my summer is shrinking.

I'm currently working on something that I think is going to be my ALL TIME favorite project.  I can't wait to show you the final results of that little "trash to treasure". 

Lately, some of my sweetest seconds have been in the garage with a pony tail and power tools.

Friday, July 21, 2017

NEW!! Back To School {{FONTS}}

I have some NEW fonts for you!  You can stop by my TPT store and download Volume 4 for FREE.

I LOVE how they turned out.  I think my favorite is "SK No Bones About It"- perfect for October or a Pirate Themed classroom, "SK Stitches" - I think this will be a fantastic fall font, "SK Thick Nick"- perfect for....EVERYTHING, and "SK Star Student" - great for notes to you Star Student.  

I've also added a silly but fun font that mixes letters and pictures.  This could be used to write code messages for students to try and figure out...

This is just a fun and silly one...I must have had too much time to play around. You can download these new fonts here.  They are FREE in my TPT for the weekend.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Get #Techy With It

I love, love, love learning new things to try in the classroom and sometimes I need reminders or refreshers of great things I've learned and forgotten.😁

Do you ever get information OvErLoAd???  Yea, well that's I thought I better put the things that I'm LOVING all in one place.  That way I can share my learning and easily find it when I need it.

So let me share some of my sweetest takeaways from the 2017 TCEA Tots and Technology Conference...

Kiddle is a visual search engine for kids to use. This would be great for kids to use for research.

Did you know that all Duck Duck Moose Apps are FREE?? - I'd say go to the app store and download whatever educational app that you need now.

One of my favorites is Chatterpix Kids.  

Kids LOVE this to make objects, pictures, or drawings come alive.  Find out more and download {here}.

Popplet app

This app is mind maps and can be used for story elements and to brainstorm writing.  Find out more and download {here}.

Storyboard That app

This is a great way for students to verbalize and think about their writing.  This can be used for characterization, responding to stories, brainstorming, and the teacher can decide the number of squares for the students to use.  Check out this app {here}.-You can do everything that needs to be done on the FREE version.

Telestory app 
This is great app for kids to use if they want to give a weather forecast, news report or critique a book. It's a movie maker where kids are the stars.  Check it out {here}. 

Tellegami app

This app can be used for characterization. Check out more about it {here}.

Padlet app

I have shared this app before {here} and how I like to use it. You can download it {here}.  There were a lot of discussions at the conference about using it as a place to put websites and apps that you want to direct your students to, a lot like a symbaloo.


This app allows you to pick students and use question stems that are unique to each individual student based on cognitive or linguistic needs. That's kinda cool. 

Most of us have heard of and played Kahoot with our kids BUT have you used Quizizz.  This is a way for kids to review content in a fun game that you can add MEMES (who doesn't love memes) that you can place after questions to motivate students. 

Like Kahoot they will receive points based on correct answers and the amount of time spent answering it BUT it's done at the the student's own pace.  Students can look at their own device and don't need to look at the board. It will also read questions and answer choices for students if needed.  It can be played live or used throughout the day in stations.  I'm looking forward to using this in the classroom.

Shadow Puppet is an app where kids can be creative while making videos using their own pictures! It has nothing to do with puppets.

It would be great to use for story sequencing, summarizing, reading fluency, how to tutorials and reader's theater.

EDpuzzle is a way to use videos that you want to crop and add you're own questions throughout the video for students to answer and review while they are watching it.  They must answer the question before they can continue to watch it.

It provides teachers with a video bank that they can use and modify as needed for your class. 


This is a very simple website so don't close it thinking something is wrong.  It's an online voice recorder.  This would be great to help with fluency! Also, when you save it you will get a code that you can embed or make a QR code. It can be saved for documentation or sent to parents. 💙 

**Gift Idea** Place their QR code on a gift at Christmas of them reading a message, poem, story or sweet thought for parents.

Obviously this is not everything but I hope I've shared something new for you to try too. 

Oh and the flexible seating was on point...

Save the BROWNIE!

I LOVE to try new things in the classroom and I cannot wait to share how they are working OR NOT working for me and my kids.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Since We've Been Home

Well we've made it back home and after 3 weeks of being outdoors I've come to realize some important things...



Seriously, it was the best trip ever and it was FULL of memories, laughs and fun.  One of my favorite things that we do any time we camp is journal our daily adventures. 

For Christmas Josh bought all of us our journals that we could decorate as we pleased.  I LOVE them!
Order here

They come in a pack of 3 (perfect) and the cover is cardboard so you can decorate how you choose...yes, please.  

Josh also puts the longitude and latitude in his in case the kids ever want to go back to exact spots that we visited.  I barely know North, South, East and West so I don't do that.  It's fun to go back and remember and laugh about past adventures-especially when we all have a different perspective of the thing. 

I have a list of things that I want to try and several new things that I want to learn and not to mention the things that I've pinned on Pinterest that need me.  So as soon as we got home I started crafting and working in the garage.

Don't you LOVE my work area??  Seriously, the day after we came home from our trip Josh built and created a work space in the garage JUST FOR ME!!  

The neighbors gave us new garage lights and helped us install them --wasn't that sooo sweet?!   So now I can work in there ALL NIGHT! -(if you know me then you know my bedtime is 8:30 so it's not that crazy in the garage)

The neighbors have really helped to contribute to my need to make "old things new" or turn a "trash to treasure".  Not only did they give us new garage lights but they also picked up this cool old frame that someone was throwing away.

I forgot to take a picture before I started sanding so it's already been changed a little - picture it darker with a lot of dirt caked on it.

I'm a little torn on how to complete it.  I'm thinking a little burlap and a beautiful green wreath.

--but I LOVE the new look of it so far. What do you think?

I have several crafts in the works right now and want to share but I've gotta get things ready for this little, four-legged friend's visit for the weekend.

We are all a little curious if this relationship will pick up where it left??