Monday, June 26, 2017

Day 8 Hollywood Tourist...Beverly Hills, That's Where I Want to Be!

Hollywood Hills, Hollywood Walk of fame, Beverly Hills, Rodeo drive, and Malibu beach

California Donuts was on Jenna's bucket list so when we finally crawled out of bed we headed there. They already had their lines roped off so they could contain the crazy.

We got in line ordered our Donuts and waited like nice Texans to get to the pay window. 

Crazy LA Lady to Donut Worker:  yes, I'll take 3 apple fritters and I'll just go up there and pay.

Crazy LA Lady to me:  I know it looks like I'm cutting in front of you but I'm not.

Me:  Well, you actually ordered after us so you'll probably need to pay after us.

Crazy LA Lady to me:  Well, I saw a guy just come up and do this.

Me:  Yes, he had a call in order. You just ordered after us.

Crazy LA Lady to Person on her phone:  So these people think I'm cutting in line and it actually looks like I am but I'm really not.

Donut Employee: (hands lady our order and tells her price)

Crazy LA Lady to Donut Employee: That's not mine I had 3 apple fritters.

Donut Employee:  Oh, you're after this order.

Me (smirking) as I get back in front of Crazy LA  Lady.

I'm not a big sugary breakfast person but we ate enough to last us until dinner. Josh and I each got a ham, egg, cheese, and jalapeƱo crossiant. They were HUGE and really good. The coffee was delicious too. Then of course we each had to get an instagram picture worthy donut. 

Josh picked toasted coconut, Jen picked the Oreo panda, and I picked chocolate upon chocolate bar. Donut ;-) expect a beautiful area.  All the buildings are spray painted and they have run out of walls so they have started putting graffitti on the windows of businesses here.  There was a homeless tent on the corner of the intersection and lots of people lying around on the streets.  Really very sad.

Our day was packed with all the tourist things. 

We climbed the hill for a picture of Hollywood Hill. Not a good idea after California Donuts. 

We walked the sidewalk of Hollywood walk of fame. 

We thought we would look more Hollywood if Josh carried Bean around. 

I personally think he deserves an Oscar for the part he played:  LA guy with small dog.  BRAVO, honey!!

There were lots of people walking around in costumes or as characters and they would want you to take pictures with them for a tip.

Next up was Rodeo Drive, baby.  We did a little (window) shopping and pretended like we saw famous people.  Jenna and I found a pair of tennis shoes we liked for $1,750.  Whoa!! We didn’t even spend that at the most magical place on Earth so we had to pass on the shoes. 

I did find a new pair of sunglasses at Louis Vitton but again wasn’t really in the budget.  I’m pretty sure the teachers don’t shop over here but it was really fun to walk around and look at the shops and talk about if we actually had that kind of money we wouldn’t spend it on these things.

We decided to head back to our side of the tracks and pick up some groceries for a dinner picnic on Malibu beach.  

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