Saturday, June 24, 2017

Day 6 This Ain't No Disco....This is L.A.

We finally made it to California OR are we in another country?!  So weird, we just went through a customs check at the border. 

Border Attendant:  Do you have any fruits or nuts?

Josh: (long stare) No.

Border Attendant:  Do you have any wood?

Josh: (mumbling “Damn, hippie state”) No sir.
(again Josh mumbling "Never mind the large amount of drugs or guns in our trailer, I guess".) If you know Josh then you know that we are in California because he LOVES Jenna and this is somewhere she wanted to see and experience.

After 8 hours of driving we arrived at the RV park.  I actually thought it was RV storage and I could tell Josh was coming up with a plan on how to park this bad boy.  We usually plan our gas stops based on the difficulty to pull through and no back-ups to exit.

Josh:  No lie…..they are going to use a fork lift to put us in our spot.

Me: What in the world?!-- as I am looking around at the animals painted on the concrete walls, to give you that off the grid, deep in the woods feel.

The people are super friendly here and according to the owner, also known as the guy who parked our trailer, Sandra Bullock’s make-up artist is across from us.  Several stunt men on the next row and a few cameramen live a few RVs down.  He showed us pics of the movie they filmed at this RV park two weeks ago.  Sounds like it’ll be good, ladies –it’ll be on Lifetime.  

We decided to head down to Santa Monica pier once we got settled.  But first....we must park.  What does this even mean??

Ya’ll I have never seen so many people in my entire life!!  The pier was packed so we didn’t even attempt that and you could tell the beach was slowly starting to fill up but We Ain’t From ‘Round Here and we just assumed that all these people wanted to be at the beach. 

During dinner we found out that it was free concerts summer every Thursday on the Pier and thought we might as well experience this while we are here.

In case you’re wondering, Khalid was the performer on the beach.  I’m pretty sure that we were the only ones out there that had to look on YouTube to see who he was.

It was as though we were actually swimming through a sea of people to find a spot on the beach.  I have NEVER smelled so many different body odors at once.  There were people everywhere. There were police everywhere; on horses, ATVs, walking the beach, and flying over us with a helicopter.

Here are a few of the things that my family's eyes cannot unsee during our first 8 hours in LA:

I saw a man brushing his teeth while walking down the sidewalk.

I saw 2 women having spiritual sex on the beach – I had no idea about this until I got here.  It was pretty embarrassing and hard to look away from at the same time.

I saw a man strap a fast food cup to his face with straps that went around his ears.

I saw people singing in the middle of the road while homeless people 5 feet from them plugged their ears.

I saw muscle beach filled with a lot of large men working out for everyone to see.

I saw a woman with her pet opossum climbing on her shoulder while she petted it to calm it down.

Los Angeles, you have definitely been an interesting change in scenery and we continue to collect these priceless moments.

Next stop, Disneyland.

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