Sunday, June 18, 2017

Day 1 Kirbys Go West

Day 1 of Kirbys Go West

Well not a lot of excitement unless you’re into lots of driving, and watching dirt devils out the windows.  Seriously, it’s not the prettiest of drives so it  required a little of this

excuse, my 17 relaxed chins.

and a lot of that. #lubbock

Jenna gets motion sick so she usually takes a Dramamine pill when we first start out. 

Jenna:  That was really hard to swallow and it was kind of stuck in my throat.

Me:  Honey, it’s dissolvable.

Jenna: Yea but I don’t like to do that. 

Our first stop was really just to break up the driving but if you know Josh, he researches places before we ever make a stop.  Just a sleepover or quick break becomes a big part of our adventures.  Our first stop was Villanueva State Park but in order to get there we had to drive through the town of Villanueva.  Wow, the rocky cliffs and high plains canyons were gorgeous but we were completely shocked by the rundown and impoverished town that we drove through to get there. 

Our campsite was right across the street from the Pecos River and a huge rocky ridge wall.  People were floating down the river with small tubes and air mattresses. (that was actually a great idea because the whole family could float together-lol!)

One of Jenna’s things on her bucket list was to try new things that she may otherwise be fearful of.  We just knew that she wouldn’t want to do this BUT she did. 

She loved it!

And really, how could you not??!!

One of the things that I really enjoyed the first night in New Mexico were all the different types of birds.  Yes, I said birds.  Not only does my glittery hair and wrinkles around my eyes say I’m getting older BUT  the fact that I enjoy watching birds now.  I saw hummingbirds, small birds with yellow breasts, and other colorful birds that will require me to buy a bird book so that I know what I’m looking at. #old

Speaking of birds here’s a few of our conversations about birds in the past 24 hours:

Me: I LOVE all the birds here.  They are soooo beautiful.  They should really make something like bird googles to watch them.

Josh:  ….like binoculars??

Me:  awwww, yes.

Jenna:  Look at that bird.

Me: Yea, that a dove.  We have those at home.  People actually go dove hunting in Texas.

Jenna: what?! People eat birds?!

Me: Yes, Ms. Chik-fil-a.

Jenna: oh yeah, I forgot about that.

{face palm for both of us}

Well, next stop is the Grand Canyon.


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  1. You are not old, just nerdy! Welcome to club!!! Way to go, Jenna! I am proud of you!