Friday, March 24, 2017

MATH with 4 corners

Here's a quick, fun game we played this past week to review and practice understanding our numbers. I labeled each corner in the room with a sticky note that said EXPANDED FORM, WORD FORM, STANDARD FORM, MODEL FORM....and then I had one more spot in the room for the kids to go,  SHOW IT ANOTHER WAY. 🙃

First, I showed the kids a number in any particular form on the board. Next, kids had to decide quickly how they were going to represent that number on a whiteboard. Then they would walk nicely to the corner of the room that I labeled with a sticky note: EXPANDED FORM, WORD FORM, STANDARD FORM, MODEL FORM. 

Example: I write 200+10+2. They choose a way to represent that number. Let's say they choose standard. They write 212 on their board and walked to the corner labeled STANDARD.

Finally I roll the dry erase dice that I labeled with each corner plus I added a LUCKY YOU which means no one gets out.

We have since changed the game a little to no one gets out to you earn a star if your corner is rolled.  

100 MORE, 100 LESS, 10 MORE, 10 LESS, LESS, MORE

Seriously my kids cannot get enough of 4 corners.  They even asked begged to play during my most recent walk-through. This time we used digit dice (number dice :) to roll and put in a place value chart.

After the students wrote the number, they then had to decide how they wanted to change it.  Either by 100 more or less, 10 more or less and walk to the corner of the room marked with a sticky note with what they did.   

Side note:  I write on mine with a Sharpie so that when I roll it  doesn't come off.   When I want to change it I write over the Sharpie with a Dry Erase marker and it comes right off. ;-)

These things are great!  You can get some here. I marked on the dice 100 more, 100 less, 10 more, 10 less, more, and less.  I roll the dice and whatever it lands on then those students get to draw a star on their board. If it lands on more then the kids that showed more 10 or 100 get to add a star and if it lands on less the kids that showed 10 or 100 less get to add a star.  

You could easily do this with paper dice but it is a fun way to get out of your seat and quickly review previously taught skills.  It also allows you to quickly see who is struggling but this game allows them to participate and learn from their peers too.  

I hope your kids enjoy it as much as mine do.

Have fun!!


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