Monday, January 16, 2017


Hi friends!  This past week we were learning about dramas and plays but I wanted to talk with the kiddos about MLK, Jr. before we were out for school.  I hit the jackpot when I found this little gem.

It's a reader's theater with 3 different versions and a comprehension check to use at the end of the week.  The kids enjoyed it and took it very serious to practice reading their parts so that they were reading effortlessly and sounding fluent.  You can pick this up here.

I always find it a little hard to teach because the kids are so young and they really DO NOT understand that there was a time when things were different and people were judged by their skin color.  It is hard for them to wrap their heads around this.  Some of the books that I read this past week were:

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We are constantly working on social skills at my school so we discussed "Just" and "Unjust" situations that they could relate to.  We made an anchor chart....(no picture-sorry) and sorted through and placed situational cards based on our discussion in the JUST or UNJUST column.  

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My kids sat knee to knee and eye to eye while I read a card.  Then they had 2 minutes to discuss why or why not this situation was fair (just) or unfair (unjust).  Wow!-they had very deep and personal discussions and I LOVED listening to them share their thoughts, opinions, experiences, and feelings.  

Then a fun writing and craftivity to wrap it all up is perfect.  How do you teach your kids about MLK?

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I spent a full lazy day on the couch yesterday putting together some reading activities for Main Idea, Buddy Reading, and Reading Response activities.  If you are looking for anything like this hop over to my last blog posts {here} for the links.


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