Sunday, December 11, 2016

Santa Might Be Looking for Me...

Hi FRIENDS!  I've decided not to start my blog post with it's been awhile because that seems to be the way it is.   It's the busiest, craziest time of year and all I want is to cherish every minute and slow time down <->mainly, just on the weekends.  Those are the only days that are fast. 

Are you wondering why Santa is looking for me??? I have been busy crafting, building, sanding, sawing, painting, and glueing things.  There is a chance I may me mistaken for an elf.   Seriously though, it's a happy time out there in the garage.  

All of this started with a little run around the neighborhood on trash day a few weeks ago. his summer my best friend made the hubs and I go to someone's trash once because they were throwing cabinets away.  She has this gift for seeing beauty when others see trash. She turned the cabinets into beautiful pictures and quotes for other people.  Sooo...back to my run in the neighborhood.  I noticed someone throwing out cabinet doors (apparently everyone is doing it in my neighborhood).  I came back later with Lil' Miss and had her help me load the car up.  This is where is gets really awkward...the people throwing them out were home. Yea.  And they started talking with me. EMBARRESSING!! We exchanged numbers and they saved more for me and helped me load them in my car the next visit.

Well, I started turning cabinet doors into treasures for others as Christmas gifts.  I've had so much fun.  
I even made the Christmas blocks for teacher gifts from our fence scraps.  Ya'll....the crafting just CAN'T. BE. CONTAINED.

And personally I think everyone needs a Praise and Prayer board.  This one is not for us BUT I plan on making a personal one.  We should always have a PRAISE. 

BUT WAIT THERE'S more...I have decided to put an end to the marker madness in my classroom.  Do your kids lose their dry erase markers several times throughout the week? I seriously don't know what they do with them but I've got the answer.
A special place for everyone's marker. I have never used a chisel bit before until this weekend BUT friends, I plan on creating lots of things with holes.  I don't know what yet but it was a fun little tool and needs to be used more. 

After all of this work in the garage I decided to end my weekend on the computer making a fun little game for my kids to use as a review this week.  You can pick it up at my tpt store this week for FREE

I'll be back later with more details on this activity and some other FREEBIES.

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