Monday, September 26, 2016

Changes in Matter {{freebie}}

I LOVE it when we can make a lesson hands on and we get to eat.  Yea, I realize eating doesn't happen with too many lessons in the classroom but it does happen when we start exploring the changes of matter when you apply heat.

I'm pretty sure the kids LOVE it as much as I do.  So I try to get as many different ways to EAT, I mean explore changes in matter as I can.  

A few years ago I had some wonderful parents buy me an air popcorn popper.  It is the best thing to watch the kids faces as they wait patiently to see  what is going to happen to the popcorn kernels.  There is always a lot of giggling and squealing.

During this unit we will use chocolate, apples, and popcorn-just not at the same time.  As little scientists they spend time exploring properties of the kernel before and after.  They will explore and record the properties of an apple then I always let them cut up their apples with a buddy and place them in a crockpot.  

On this day, I mentally prepare and fill up my patience tank because it is a lot of work BUT so rewarding to watch their faces and listen to their excitement.  A lot of kids are not involved in cooking at home so this is a fantastic experience for them and that is why I want them doing the preparation rather than myself -(because that is so much easier). 

You can stop by tpt to pick up this small little unit I use as we explore the changes in matter.

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