Thursday, August 4, 2016

Find Your Match B2S

While I wait patiently for the wax to do its school floor magic I continue to plan procrastinate. <-truth
Each week at my school we spend about 20 minutes completing what we call R time activities. This time is used to build classroom/school community, respect for others, respect for property, and learn to work cooperatively with a partner or group. We sing a song, find a partner, shake their hand, look at them while speaking in complete sentences, and work together on an assignment or a mission. 

I've created partner match-up cards for the first nine weeks of school to help students find a partner while reviewing a previously taught skill. These cards are quickly passed out and the students find their match to determine who they will be working with.

Our very first back to school R-time activity will be to Find a Friend...
First, they will look for a friend that fits their card AND they must also match that friend's card.  It will create discussion among all the students.
Once there is a match between 2 students they will then discuss what they find out about each other. After everyone has found a match they will introduce their friend to the class and tell the class what they learned about their friend.

Finally, they will complete A New Friend Venn with their partner.
This particular partner match is the ACTIVITY and the match up cards. You can pick up this activity {here}. 

Happy Friday!

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