Monday, August 8, 2016

Moving In My Made-Its

Well, today I'm moving in all my crafts that I have spent making this summer. I'm excited to share my latest Monday Made-its with you and I'm excited to get them in the classroom.  
This might be my FAVORITE! I was telling my friend how I would LOVE to find an old desk to use as a child's teacher helper desk OR star student desk. She said "I have one that you can have." WHA?! I couldn't wait to get it home and bust out the spray paint.  

Because of the different areas and different colors, I had to use a lot of tape and it had to be done in phases.

After I Josh sprayed painted the desk I needed to find the right font for the chalkboard top.  

I decided to use SK Cinderella and printed it off as large as I could one sheet of paper.  I colored the back with chalk, taped it to the front of the desk, and traced the letters with a pencil. When the paper was pulled off it left a chalk outline that I then painted in with a permanent chalk pen.
We now have a SCHOLAR SEAT! 

My plan is to put a basket of stickers, stamps, fun pens, and pencils at the bottom of the desk.(more pics later) This desk will be reserved each week for a student that has worked hard and will be my teacher helper for the week.  This student will be the line leader, classroom helper, and they will have the chance to share something that they are an expert in with the class - which will go well with our Genius Hour. ;-)
I Josh made crate seats for my reading table.  I already had the crates I just needed to purchase:
1 yard of material (1 yard covers 4 seats)
sheet of plywood
foam cushions (4 cushions for $4 at Wal-mart)

My crates were rounded on the inside which required a little more sanding than if they were not. That seemed to be okay with Josh...

Look at those corners.  BEA.U.TI.FUL!

I did cut everything (so I kind of helped) was just almost impossible to use the staple gun with my left hand.-It was actually dangerous for the entire family.
 I LOVE how they turned out just don't look too long at the cushions because your eyes will go wacky with all the polka dots. I can't wait to see them in the room.
Finally, I put together some of my wall headers using paper papers and SK Sew Board font.

The sad and sweet thing is, my wrist still hurts from my bicycle wreck so Josh actually did a lot of my crafts for me.  He's so wonderful and CrAfTy--I'm so thankful for him. 

I've gotta go so I can get in my classroom. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Find Your Match B2S

While I wait patiently for the wax to do its school floor magic I continue to plan procrastinate. <-truth
Each week at my school we spend about 20 minutes completing what we call R time activities. This time is used to build classroom/school community, respect for others, respect for property, and learn to work cooperatively with a partner or group. We sing a song, find a partner, shake their hand, look at them while speaking in complete sentences, and work together on an assignment or a mission. 

I've created partner match-up cards for the first nine weeks of school to help students find a partner while reviewing a previously taught skill. These cards are quickly passed out and the students find their match to determine who they will be working with.

Our very first back to school R-time activity will be to Find a Friend...
First, they will look for a friend that fits their card AND they must also match that friend's card.  It will create discussion among all the students.
Once there is a match between 2 students they will then discuss what they find out about each other. After everyone has found a match they will introduce their friend to the class and tell the class what they learned about their friend.

Finally, they will complete A New Friend Venn with their partner.
This particular partner match is the ACTIVITY and the match up cards. You can pick up this activity {here}. 

Happy Friday!