Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Kids LOVE to tell you stories but sometimes they get stuck when it's time to write them.  I've created a writing display full of ideas and a variety of reasons to write.

Not only do my students BLOG, which I believe is an important form of communication and a unique way of writing BUT they also WRITE with pencil(or FUN pens) and paper.  They publish stories, write letters to pen pals, make lists, and add entries to their journals. There are a variety of reasons why we write. 

I created the writing display board to help my kiddos establish a purpose when writing and then give them ideas for the purpose they choose.

We formally go through the writing process in our classroom and this can be tracked on the writing process chart with clothespins labeled with each students name or number.
If you need ideas or want to make a writing display board you can get it {HERE}. 

Tomorrow I will attend a writing workshop so I'm sure(hope) that I will come back with LOTS of new ideas and can add my learning to this unit.

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