Sunday, July 17, 2016

TO DO list

Now that July is here I'm really focusing on trying to mark things off my classroom TO DO LIST and if I can share this on Tara's Monday Made It and help another teacher then I feel SUCCESSFUL.

The 1st thing I had on my list was my WORD WORK STATION. I bought a 10 drawer caddy (from another teacher-SCORE!) that will become the new word work station. Pictures will come later as I get my room together...

I created some new activities and labels for this station that you can get {here}.

I don't like making copies AND it's kind of a HUGE deal at my school so most of the activities can be written in their WORD WORK JOURNAL or the activity does not require paper copies.

The WORD WORK journal will contain a small baggie stapled to the back of each composition journal.This baggie will hold their weekly words. We use Words Their Way so each child will have different words based on their needs. 

The daily schedule will be glued to the inside front cover of their composition journal and will give them a quick reminder of what they will do with their words each day before working in a word work station.  Everyone completes theseThis is also a great visual for a sub. (if you ever have to be out;-)
These activities are completed daily. This will allow me to work with individual spelling groups. 

This is where I'll store my word work station.
I will use the following labels for each drawer. 

  My stations will require:

a set of alphabet stamps
small box with salt or sand
activity templates from Word Work Pack

I hope this helps you or makes things a little easier in you room.

Be Blessed,



  1. I have two of those carts and I've always thought of making one a word work station, thanks for sharing!

  2. That's a great idea for a word work station! I don't have one of those carts....yet;) Thank you for linking up:)

  3. Love the work station idea. Those carts are awesome! Have a great week! Pam from PJ Jots

  4. I love those carts! What a great idea, especially the schedule.

  5. Word work is on my list this summer...thanks for the great ideas!

  6. I love how you have them glue the schedule into their notebooks. Great idea!