Saturday, July 16, 2016

Summer Vacay

Friends!--Let me just start off by saying that I think EVERYONE should experience Colorado. If you are planning a vacation and need suggestions....I suggest the mountains.There is something AWEsome about being outside in the middle of mountains and feeling so little. I think it's a reminder of how great our God is and how small we are. 

Well, we needed to do this vacation on the cheap so we thought let's just camp. We are never really in a hotel room anyway so let's save money. 
We loaded up everything that we thought we would need and we were off.

USAFA has campgrounds so we were able to stay right on campus and see Isaiah. It was a beautiful campsite and it had a ton of family games to play.  One of our favorite things to do is tether ball.  Ya'll, we laugh so hard that we are sick after playing this but there is nothing funnier than watching someone try with all their might to hit a ball on a rope and they continue to miss-no matter how athletic you are.
I actually cannot see right now and Josh is holding me up.

Josh and I thought we would ride around the campus... because we ride bikes. I THOUGHT we were in pretty good shape. We are not in Colorado shape. I seriously thought my lungs were going to fall right out of my body and I was going to die. I. NEED. OXYGEN. 

We watched Isaiah's paintball team. We were up at 6am and there until 4pm. It reminded me of baseball tournament weekends when we'd spend the entire day at the ball field.

After 3 days there we loaded up and headed to Golden Gate Canyon State Park. This place was gorgeous! (really everything there is gorgeous) 

The only bad thing was this...

Actually, this was the worst thing I've ever experienced.  Seriously! I had to deposit quarters to take a shower...NOT COOL. Y'all 4 minutes is NOT long enough to clean your body and wash your hair. The water sprayed from the nozzle like a pressure washer and I could NOT find the HOT water so it was cold. Now picture me standing in this cold concrete stall with shampoo running down my head and the water shutting OFF. Horrible experience. Day 2 of showers and the stupid machine took my money while I'm standing ready(aka naked) to get wet. Yes, I kicked it but it still didn't work.

I guess I'm okay with all of that because I think if I smelled pretty I would not have been able to take selfies with these wild animals. 

That is a MOOSE!!!

ELK selfie!!

We panicked...and I'm not very good with selfies. ;-/

How COOL is this?! I think we must have smelled like wild animals so they let us get close. 

Look at this little friend I made.  I felt like Cinderella. I would set out nuts and he would come over and get them. We bonded.  

We spent our very last night on our land in Fairplay, Co.  We didn't have electricty or water hookups but we had each other, we had time, we made memories, and we were reminded again how blessed we are to have each other.  
The view from our land first thing in the morning.

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