Saturday, July 2, 2016

June for the Win

There is nothing better than spending time with people that you LOVE and doing the things that you LOVE.  One of our favorite things to do is ride bikes.  I love it when Josh plans a bike route that takes us to new places.(I realize I say this a lot but it's so true)  We started our summer vacay with a bike ride to the train station. 
  <-Small picture but BIG FUN ;-)
Our first stop was the Channel 8 News Station.  We have an inspiring news/weather girl in the family so it's always fun to stop and see what's happening with the news.

She would make a great news anchor if that's what she wants to do one day. Next stop was the Perot Museum.  I loved seeing all the kids there exploring and learning.  This museum is hands-on and the kids are completely engaged.
This may have been her favorite part.  

After the museum and lunch we decided to ride to Klyde Warren Park and cool off with a Steel City Pop. Have you had one of these? YUM! YUM! They make your taste buds sweat... That's a good thing.
The hardest part of riding bikes on an adventure is when the adventure is over and it's time to get home. You. still. have. to. pedal.
 We have spent a lot time swimming at the pool and the lakes.

How cute is the DONUT float??  We found this little treasure at the store FIVE BELOW. Now that's a fun store.

Of course riding bikes with other adults is a TON of fun too.  This ride was a loooong, HOT ride. I'm pretty sure we were close to dying by the time we finished but everything about it was fun. I think bikes bring out the kid in you...

 Just so you know this pole was hot enough to cook your dinner.  I'm pretty sure the rubber on the bottom of our shoes were melting.  Oh and I think it was a sewer pipe because there was a small hole right behind me that suddenly started blowing hot, stinky air. Gross!!-but fun picture. ;-)

As if this wasn't enough FUN...guess who surprised us with a visit??? Our favorite AIRMAN...
LOVE this kid (manchild)!! It so nice just having him in the house. His only request was for me to make him some Chicken Fried Steak and Mashed Potatoes. Done.
A family game of croquet and some doggy lovin' was a great way to end our time with him before he headed back to school. We will be heading to Colorado to see him soon...true hippie style.

Summer as made some of us better fisherman. 
Not really sure what is going on with my mouth... It looks like I am about to take a bite out of it.
This guy has become passionate about fishing.  He is up every morning at 5 to wet his hook. <-fisherman talk

Little Sass has been busy planning and making new videos.
She is so talented and creative! I love the way she sees life. She'll put a smile on your face.

This was just the beginning of our summer.
I know July holds a ton of fun, excitement, and adventure for us as well. These were just some the sweetest seconds of my summer so far.

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