Sunday, May 15, 2016

Let the Balloon Countdown Begin...

Can you believe it?!  It's time to start the END OF THE YEAR Countdown!!  I made a quick trip to our local Dollar Tree and picked up a package of balloons.  I had a choice between Dark Gold and Dark Gold.  
So I went with Dark Gold and now let the BALLOON POPPING Begin!!
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Of course, you can print mine and use it BUT I tailored the surprises to fit my day, schedule, and my class.  

This time of year I start pulling out all the tricks I have from the ole' teacher bag.  I think we learn a lot about ourselves as teachers these last few weeks.  Stay strong ladies and gentlemen...we. can. do. this. ;-)

My kids LOVE a free app that I use called Spin to Win.
You get to put in your own prizes or rewards and they get to spin.  Some of the prizes I put on the wheel are:
Treasure Box 
Sweet Treat
Sit with a Friend at Lunch
Blast Off Tickets (our school wide incentive)
Sit with a Stuffed Animal
No Shoes
Write with a Pen 
Sometimes I use the Name Selector app, which is also FREE. You just need to program your student's names into the app.  

If that student has been working hard and making good choices then they get a chance to spin. They LOVE this! 

Happy Countdown, Friends!

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