Sunday, May 22, 2016

Get Bloggy With It!

This time of year is a great time to try new things.  I mean, why not?  The kids are a little (a lot) crazy and schedules are constantly changing for testing, assemblies, visitors, and programs.  So why not try to add something new?!  

I absolutely LOVED blogging with my 4th graders last year. The writing was authentic, engaging, and meaningful.  They would write and write and write.  They would respond to their peers appropriately, learn about each other on much more personal level, and they became more careful, thoughtful writers.  I think I became a better teacher to these kids because they opened up about what they loved, feared, and looked forward to and they enjoyed doing it. Their blogs were little pieces of them that they allowed me and their classmates to be apart of.

SAD NEWS: Kidblogs is no longer free.  As wonderful as it was I just cannot afford to pay a monthly fee for it.

HAPPY NEWS: I have found a new way for my 2nd graders to BLOG!! I think it's better than Kidblogs and it's FREE!! It's called Easyblog.

Seriously.....2 weeks before school is out.  Oh, the luck!! No worries, we are going to write and work on our blogs until the very last day because they LOVE it. 

Some of my kids are teaching us how to do math, one is telling us all about his paintball team, and others are sharing their excitement about moving this summer.  

The app makes it easy for the kids to add video and pictures. There is a link that can be easily emailed to parents so that they can see and respond to their child's blog.

Of course, I respond to each child's blog post but when they get a response from a parent their little faces beam with pride and excitement. 

I made some blog idea cards if you have a kiddo that needs help coming up with an idea of something to write about.  You can pick them up here.  I don't really think that you will need them but just in you go.  Cut them apart, place them on a ring, and put them in a place near the computers or iPads.

I am so excited to start this from the beginning of the school year next year.  

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts, questions, and ideas.

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