Saturday, April 16, 2016

Just a Little Research

There is nothing more exciting than to hear kids talk with each other about the things that they are learning.  I LOVE to listen to these conversations and the best way to get these conversations going is to start research.  

I used the books that came with our Social Studies curriculum and I let them choose who they wanted to research.  It's a win-win because I believe there is power in choiceI choose the list and they choose their person.;) 

We started this project by discussing the the things that I expected them to find out about their person.  As a whole group lesson we completed the same research information on another person that was not on the list.  This way I could model each day what I expected from the students.

We used websites that are available through our school library and KidRex.
 This is a great site that is safe and easy for the kids to use.

I should have started this post about how lapbooks make me sweat...seriously, they can be the end of a teaching career if you DON'T do a little at a time.  We were making our lapbooks to showcase at our Open House so I needed to stay strong and FINISH. 

After they finished the research they completed a Can You Guess Who I Am? and used Chatterpix to make their drawing talk.  They LOVED this activity and if you have never used should.  You can make any object that you take a picture of have a voice. Oh...and it's a free app.

Stop by the store this weekend to pick up my Research Packet.