Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Speed Dating or 2nd Grade Letter Writing

Well friends, I understand the confusion.  I've never been apart of speed dating but I imagine it just like the letters of these 2nd grade students. 

(sorry for the bad pics...that's kinda how I roll)

Ya'll these crack me up. I picture these being read without coming up for breath until you get to the last line-which is the same picture I get in my head of someone speed dating.

Thank you Mrs. Beasley for being our pen pals.  The kids LOVED doing this and guess what?  They want to write again....this is AUTHENTIC learning!  Okay, we can write some more if that's what ya'll want to do. ;-) 

One of the books that I read to the class before we started writing our friendly letter was Dear Mr. Blueberry.
The kids loved it and I thought it was a perfect way to start our friendly letter unit.  Our first letter was to our lunch ladies politely asking for a new item on the lunch menu. Next, we were able to set something up with another school and write another 2nd grade class (letters above)The next letter they write will be to me, convincing me to Skype with Mrs. Beasley's class (our pen pals).  I'm pretty sure they will convince me ;-)


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  1. We can't wait to write again and skype! My kiddos were SO excited reading the letters!!