Sunday, February 14, 2016


Hi Friends!  I wanted to share a little unit I put together for small group instruction with base ten blocks.  After going through our CBAs, studying them, and trying to figure out what my littles were thinking while taking this test I've come to the following conclusions:

1) They are 7 and 8 years old and sometimes they just make little kid mistakes.

2) We need to go back and review composing and decomposing numbers with base 10 blocks. 

3)  I HATE when test makers use the word's wrong.

4)  We need more work on part, part, whole word problems and I've found a wonderful site to help with that.

Okay, first I was motivated by that pesky little word NOT and decided to create an activity to help the kids recognize the correct answer and the incorrect answer.  

They can use the base 10 model form to count and sort according to their number.  Then once they understand, they can create their own NUMBER and NOT NUMBER.

Now, let's talk about composing and decomposing numbers.  Do you use manipulatives in the classroom?  Well, I think it's a very crucial step in understanding numbers.  Yes, my kids drop them on the floor.  Yes, they try to build forts and robots with them. Yes, it can be a little chaotic when you have 21 kids building, designing, and playing with base 10 blocks. 

Sooo...why not allow them to build something COOL?!--but they must only use the number that they draw.  I suggest doing this in small groups so that you can be in charge of the exchanges. Eventually, they could do this on their own but at first they need a lot of practice and modeling.  This activity seemed to really help the kids understand how each number was made.  I wish you could see their full face because they LOVED this! 

Now, I think it's important for you to know that I do this kind of stuff everyday in whole group, but I was really surprised by the lack of understanding when I worked with them in a small group setting.  This activity was an eye opener!--They wanted to build a bigger and better structure but they needed more blocks. Ah-ha, if they wanted more blocks they could trade with me. 

Finally, I need my kids to have more practice with word problems with missing parts.  A sweet friend of mine asked if I've heard of Thinking Blocks.  Well, let me tell you....if you haven't heard of it you should most definitely check it out.  AH-MAZING!
This has become a math station rotation.  Thank you, Mrs. Beasley! more thing!!  I almost forgot to share with you the latest math website that have my kids begging to play.  Have you heard of Prodigy?  You can see your student's progress in real time and a diagnostic test will place your students in the correct grade with automatic differentiation.  They LOVE it!

Well, I think that's enough of math on this day of LOVE.
I hope y'all have a SWEET day...

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  1. I loved your blog entry! Now, to find myself some base ten blocks for home. Reese loves herself some math.