Thursday, February 25, 2016

Am I A Quarter?

Okay, so who has played the game Headbandz??
Well, my family LOVES it.  Some of us are better at it than others but we all LOVE it.  Truthfully, I'm the worst.  This is what it sounds like when you play with me:

Me: Am I a green?
Someone I Love: No
Me:  Am I a tree?
Someone I Love: No
Me:  Am I Money?
Someone Who is Frustrated with me: NO
Me: Am I grass?
Someone Who is Frustrated with me: No
...and 2 hours later I'm still not getting a clue. But I LOVE this game! Soooo, I was thinking this would be a fun way to practice recognizing and adding up coins. Let's play HEADBANDZ!!

If I could only have a check off sheet when I play with my family I would probably be a ROCK STAR at this game.

 The kids loved this and worked with each other to help recognize their coins when they struggled. They were motivated to add up their coins and find out the value on their head.  

No worries if you don't have the Headbandz can use a sentence strip and a paperclip to make your own. 

Stop by and pick it up.  I hope your kids enjoy it as much as my kids.
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