Saturday, January 23, 2016

Crafts on a DIME about changes. I didn't know that "I didn't know how to budget" until Mr. Kirby started teaching. Getting paid once a month almost killed us last lie. My teacher friends understand that December to January wait. Can I get an AMEN?!?  Thank goodness that's over until next year. 


So we were thinking....what can we do that doesn't cost any money.  CRAFTS!!

Little sass and I were feeling crafty this past weekend but remember, we didn't have any money!!! No problem, we got creative and crafty with the things we do have.  

The first craft needed small sticks, an old picture frame, and a glue gun. I had some spray paint in the garage so I painted the frame gray. 

Then I started piecing the sticks around the frame like puzzle pieces with hot glue. 

I wrote some LOVE scriptures and placed it in the frame.  I LOVE the way it turned out and I think it looks great with our decor. 

Next, I wanted to dress up our large front porch.  When we moved in to our home the people before us left these awful, rusty chairs in the backyard. 

I'm thinking there is nothing that can't be fixed with a little spray paint.  So I sanded and scraped off old paint.  Then I emptied 2 cans of black spray paint and they look brand new!! 

I found the fabric in our craft drawer and I will use it to make cushions.  Pictures of the cushions coming soon! (no sew cushions ;)

The next craft required all our old wine corks.  We keep our wine corks in a pretty jar and have been saving them for a few years.  I'm picturing in my head a BIG, beautiful cork wreath but turns out we don't drink as much as I thought.  I had to scale down the craft...

I needed cardboard, hot glue gun, and burlap.  First, I traced the heart on cardboard and cut it out.  Next, I hot glued each cork to the shape.  Finally, I added burlap to the heart for a decorative touch OR to hang it.

It's tiny and my goal is to DRINK MORE WINE my crafts depend on that. 

Okay, the last craft was all about my little sass.  Our favorite art teacher left her supplies and showed her how to make this so we had everything at home.  

We needed watercolors, cardstock, and black printing ink. Jenna drew an elephant and used that in her picture. 

We could have used a little more black...but it turned out cute and she enjoyed making it. 

Some of the sweetest seconds in my days are the times I spend crafting with this girl.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

A New Year!!

It's a brand new year....actually the 15th day of a brand new year!!  In case you are like me and lose track of time.

We have decorated ourselves with festive sweaters, started never-ending puzzles and rang in the new year with secret missions every hour. 

;-)  I have really treasured and enjoyed my time with my family lately.  Yes, I still spend a ridiculous amount of time working at home but now that Mr. Kirby is teaching we actually do a lot of this together.  It has become some of the sweetest seconds in my day.  I LOVE listening to his classroom stories, I LOVE the way he LOVES his kids, and I LOVE his passion.  It is so refreshing to watch a new teacher and their passion to be every child's advocate.  Old teachers (not that I'm old) need to spend time with fresh new teachers every now and then.  It's good for the soul.  This week is semester change so he will be getting a new set of kids on Monday.  He doesn't understand how they could even compare to this first class.  Oh, just wait Mr.'ll find yourself loving every group of kids you get. 

I enjoyed my time with my boy in blue over the break.  It was so good to have him home, sleeping in, playing video games, and doing whatever his little heart desired.  I know that he enjoyed every minute of it.  We enjoyed our talks, family tickle fights, and shopping adventures with him. It was hard to watch him go but at the same time it was easy because I know the journey he is on.  He makes us proud. Oh...and we were so busy that I didn't any pictures.  Not ONE.  When we dropped him off at the airport I came home and saw this...
so I took a picture.  Ummm...I don't know why I took it.  I guess it made me feel better about not taking any pictures of him while he was home.  

Starting this new year my little sweet sass will begin modeling and acting classes.  I cannot even put into words her excitement.  According to her she has wanted to do this since she was born. 
Of course we had to have a fun photo shoot day and play dress up in our floppy hats. 
I now I think she's ready for a career...I taught her my best moves. 

Seriously, we have to credit Destination Imagination and our favorite GT teacher for spending so much time teaching her to get in front of people and improv.  Her first audition was to walk the runaway and pretend she was a runway model.  Ummm, I've never seen so much sass (actually, that's not true I have, daily) she owned the runway and blew the audience a kiss. Wha?! She was in room of 30 people and was interviewed with a giant camera and lights in her face. 
I was so nervous for her.  She said she just thought of it as an Instant Challenge in DI and she did amazing. Her first class will be will be Wednesday and! Just ask her. :-)

Well, I just summed up our EXCITING life lately in 4 paragraphs, and I plan to embrace our new year and treasure our sweetest seconds in each day.