Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Planning for the New Classroom

This new school year brings with it a lot of NEW.  I will be in a new school district, a new grade (kinda-just different from last year), and a new classroom. So in order to simplify and make things a little easier my plan was to keep the same classroom decor (I know, BORRRING) but I loved the black and white with turquoise.

.....and then I walked into my new classroom.  I was swept away into a world of wood paneling. There is faux wood everywhere!  Not far from the door was a large box fan propped against the wall along with a note stapled to the beautiful faux wood wall. The note read:

I'm thinking that was very kind of someone to share the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke with me in my classroom. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?? At this point I'm beginning to sweat a little, not because of faux wood,a box fan, and this new sign that is posted in my classroom but because I live in the state of Texas and it's HOT!! 
 Seriously, it was dark in there and HOT.  So I didn't stay long but I did decide that I will need bright colors.  I have to brighten this den of faux wood. No fear HOBBY LOBBY can fix this.  I will definitely keep my black and white but we need bright colors.  The room has 4 windows but I don't really want to cover them I just want to brighten them.  I bought ribbon, dowel rods, and command hooks to make my own curtains.

I think they'll brighten the hut up a little. I also bought lime green wrapping paper to cover the walls and made a few labels for the room.

{table labels here}
{clock labels here

Now I just need to get back in there and make it feel like home. I can't wait to show you the before and after. 

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