Thursday, December 18, 2014

What Do You Know.....Books and Snow!

Tomorrow is the last day before the break, it's a half-day, a busy day and a sugar filled day.  This year it actually snuck up on me and I almost didn't make anything for parents.  We have been completely engrossed in our novel, A Single Shard.

{check it out}

It has been the best book ever!!  I'm so happy my teamie convinced me to read it to the kids.  The kids and I have had so many wonderful conversations.  It's the kind of book that they beg you (yes, beg!) not to stop reading.  We just finished it on Wednesday and I was a crybaby mess!!  It is a tear jerker.  The sweet kids would get up and hug me and then get themselves a tissue to wipe their own eyes.  It is the kind of book that changes the way kids view reading.
When we finished the kids could not get enough.  They wanted to know more and they REALLY wanted this book to be a movie.  I think they will be emailing the author soon.  I made a thinglink for the students to watch some videos about the author and learn more about the pottery process. Stop by and visit my thinglink to learn more about pottery and how it's made.

See....what happened?  Yea, well the same thing happened in the classroom.  We became so wrapped up in this book I almost forgot to make a gift for the parents.  So today I frantically went through the cabinets for the perfect craft supplies to make the perfect parent gift.  Here's what I found:
...because every teacher has Q-tips in her cabinet.  Right?!

Oh....and my camera.  Now, what can I have them make in a short amount of time.  Well, a picture is a MUST HAVE. I've decided that teachers should always do a Christmas picture. So with these supplies we came up with..........
I Love You "Snow" Much!  

I think they turned out super cute!  A little lamination and they last year after year.  Put a magnet on the back and they make your fridge "snow" cute!  

Okay, bring on tomorrow because I am no longer Freaking Out.  I hope you have a beautiful and magical last day before your Christmas break.

All My Love,

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