Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A New Year...

I cannot believe we are ending 2014 and beginning a new year. I'm anxious, excited, nervous, scared....Freaking OUT. <-not really. 2015 is going to bring so many new changes whether I am ready for them or not, so I guess I better get ready.  

This new year will bring my baby's graduation and life as a college student. Wha?!  His heart is set on USAFA and we should hear from them in January. He is seriously marking off the days on his calendar.  He has also been offered a paid visit to West Point Academy in New York and will fly out to visit them in March.  I think the key word right now is PATIENCE.  He's put in all the work and now he has to be patient. {I have to be patient}
I obviously love pictures more than him.

I feel like that will be my mantra for the 2015 year.  {PATIENCE} 

I plan to finish my masters this spring. {patience} I have one more class and my ARP to complete. 

Oh, and there is this big test that 4th graders take...I hear it's a big deal.  I should probably be more concerned about this than I am but I'm not.  My kids are hard and we have fun while we are doing it. We will be ready for this so called STAAR test when it's time. {patience}

I'm not getting younger so it's important that I'm exercising and eating right. {patience}  I want to run more 5k's this year.  I'll start with the Hot Chocolate run in Feb.  Yes, CHOC.O.LATTE!!  I will run for chocolate. Sounds like a good plan, right?!  Running with friends really helps too. 
Meet the running crew...
Mindy has a halo.

{our reason to run....Like someone stole our chocolate}

Let me introduce you to my new running partner...
The other cute one, on the right. ;-)

He has officially retired from law enforcement and moved on to keeping his momma safe and fit....or not. ;-) 
Retired life.....sleeping with his toy.
This new year also brings a new police doggy. Meet Kaution...
Undercover K9's Kaution!
I didn't think I could love another dog but he changed my mind. I've had the chance to help with some of his training. It has been so fascinating watching him learn and prepare for the streets this March. 

Finally, I have this little firecracker that keeps me on my toes...
Duckface is required in all pictures with her.
She is big creative ball of sunshine and challenges me every day to be a better momma and teacher.   

This new year brings a lot of changes for me and my family but the one thing that doesn't change is my faith.

 All My Love,


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