Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Year's Worth of Think Tanks {FREE}

Tomorrow I will be taking my ESL supplemental test, so in order to prepare myself properly I am allowing myself to get easily distracted.  Not good!--Although, if you're looking for think tank ideas this could be good for you.  :-)  Yay for ADD!!

Last year we implemented think tanks during an intervention time, which was an hour long.  The students were placed in groups of 2 and were responsible for reading a book, responding to the story, creating an activity, and then reviewing a skill.  Each week the students went through 2 books with this same format during this hour of intervention.  They eventually became independent through many weeks of practicing and lots of modeling. 

Now that I have a year of these under my belt and have a better grasp of what I'd like to do I am moving to 4th grade.(did I mention a little bit of a freak out)  As with anything new you learn and grow.  There are lots of things I would change BUT..........RIGHT NOW I'M FREAKING OUT IN 4TH. :-)  

I DO NOT have the time to tweak these or go back through them so I am sharing A Year's Worth of Think Tanks with you.  Please feel free to use them any way you wish, tweak them, change them, or just use them.  If I could make things easier for someone else that would make my heart happy.

{click here}
Now, I'm off to study....until I think of something else that doesn't need to be done.

Good Night!!  

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