Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Year's Worth of Think Tanks {FREE}

Tomorrow I will be taking my ESL supplemental test, so in order to prepare myself properly I am allowing myself to get easily distracted.  Not good!--Although, if you're looking for think tank ideas this could be good for you.  :-)  Yay for ADD!!

Last year we implemented think tanks during an intervention time, which was an hour long.  The students were placed in groups of 2 and were responsible for reading a book, responding to the story, creating an activity, and then reviewing a skill.  Each week the students went through 2 books with this same format during this hour of intervention.  They eventually became independent through many weeks of practicing and lots of modeling. 

Now that I have a year of these under my belt and have a better grasp of what I'd like to do I am moving to 4th grade.(did I mention a little bit of a freak out)  As with anything new you learn and grow.  There are lots of things I would change BUT..........RIGHT NOW I'M FREAKING OUT IN 4TH. :-)  

I DO NOT have the time to tweak these or go back through them so I am sharing A Year's Worth of Think Tanks with you.  Please feel free to use them any way you wish, tweak them, change them, or just use them.  If I could make things easier for someone else that would make my heart happy.

{click here}
Now, I'm off to study....until I think of something else that doesn't need to be done.

Good Night!!  

Friday, July 18, 2014

Freaking Out in 4th

Yes, it's true.  I'm moving to 4th grade.  Wha?!  After 13 years of teaching K-2 I'm moving to 4th......and I'm freaking out A LITTLE.  This grade has never been on my radar.  I've never been curious about it, never really wanted to move up any higher AND I definitely DID NOT WANT A TESTING GRADE. I am a fourth grade teacher and I am determined to make it the VERY BEST.  I feel lost and a lot like a first year teacher.  I used to joke about stalking other teacher's blogs BUT y'all if you teach 4th and have a blog YOU ARE BEING STALKED and studied!  I want to learn everything I possibly can.  

First things first, I needed to change the blog name.  I quite possibly spent more time changing the name than I actually blog.  This is sad but true.  Originally, I didn't want the name of my blog to be FREAKING OUT IN 4TH, although this is exactly how I feel, it just seemed too over the top.  I don't really plan on freaking out for long.  So I went with Just FOUR Fun.  Actually, that's what my husband came up with but guess what??!!  I didn't secure the url address for that name and if you were to look me up you would get a Brazilian guy named Anderson but he'd like for you to call him "Just".  Serious.

So welcome to my new blog Freaking Out in 4th.  My plan is to share my adventures as a new fourth grade teacher.  Hopefully, I'll share something that will help someone else but right now I just need a way to network with others that know what they are doing.   
Let me give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Alicia at Dreamlike Magic.  She is responsible for my cute blog and she is great to work with.  Check out her cute blog templates here.