Sunday, May 11, 2014

Another Week of Measurement {Capacity}

We wrapped up another week of measurement.  This past week was a lot of experimenting with different containers.  We filled them with beans, popcorn seeds, rice and water.

Water day was a little crazy......we pretty much swam out of the classroom.  They loved it and there is no other way to truly understand capacity without a lot of pouring, dumping, filling and spilling.

Next week we will learn about weight.  We will experiment with scales and different items to weigh (everything except the teacher is okay).  We will be making our very own balance scale.  I can't think of a better way for a kid to understand weight than by creating their own scale.
I made a little unit to go along with our learning about weight.  Stop by my TPT store to pick it up if you need a little something extra.  

Well, I have truly enjoyed my Mother's Day.  My little sweeties and my honey have made this day super special.  The kids got up at early and made me a wonderful breakfast in bed.  The oldest child saved the microwave from blowing up when my little sassy tried to microwave some oatmeal for me with the spoon.  It was yummy!  My son got me some flip flop house shoes!!!  I LOVE them......they are just what my little old lady feet needed.

The love of my life filled the garden bed with a bird bath and beautiful flowers.  I keep checking for the birdies but they haven't stopped by to bathe yet.  I must be patient....  Then he took me to get an old lady chair.  It's perfect and I cannot wait to blog in it.  

I hope all of you have had a wonderful Mother's day!!


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