Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Make it STICK!!

Well Sweet Friends, I completed my very first master's class.  Yes, I'm feeling super accomplished.  Especially, since I spent more time looking up words in the syllabus to figure out what they meant than I did actually working.  Seriously.

Good news for you..... I'm here to share!!  During my class I needed to identify a problem within my classroom and create a way to solve/or help with this problem based on my research.  I have a handful of my kids this year that were struggling with comprehension, not because of a struggle with the actual words but because they were not relating to or thinking about what they were reading.  So I'm happy to share my creation of the...........STICKY RECALL.

I created this with the intention that I would be sitting with these kids and not only allowing them to have a conversation with me and the small group but also give them the opportunity to write it out.  This gave them another opportunity to commit their story to memory, relate it to their thoughts and feelings and make predictions.  Plus, WE USED POST-IT NOTES!  Kids love post-it notes.(hint: the sticky)
 (click here)
The Sticky Recall is a guide that creates stopping points for the students while reading and gives them the opportunity to reflect on what they have just read, make predictions, and ask questions about their story.  When I used this with my group of kids it was great for me to see what they were thinking and I was truly surprised by how much they were NOT thinking about the text.  We do all these activities as a whole group but it was an eye opener for me to sit with these kids individually and allow them to write out their responses.  

I would LOVE to share my Sticky Recall with you!!  Stop by TPT and pick up one to start using with your small group.

I'm off to enjoy the weather at a baseball game.
Stay Sweet!


  1. Im totally going to try this!! Awesome idea!! :)

  2. Congrats to you on finishing your first class!