Monday, February 3, 2014

HO HO Oh No!!!

If cameras were in the classroom AT&T would be calling me for their next commercial.  I LOVE these commercials because I feel like everyone in the world gets a little glimpse of the great conversations that take place in the classroom of young kids.  Sometimes the most amazing conversations take place and then sometimes......not so much.. 

Okay, back to "HO".

I had given my kids all the letters in the words GROUNDHOG DAY.  I then challenged them to come up with 25 new words using these specific letters.  They are hard at work when I get this question "Can I use the word "ho"?  Me: "Well, no because hoe (then I precede to tell them about a garden hoe and what it is used for-you know, building a little background knowledge, just in case) is spelled with an "e" and you don't have an "e" available to you."  

Another student says, "I mean the other "ho"."  Me: "Well, that's not really appropriate, so no." (with a little frown on my face-just to let them know that I'm not happy about this conversation)  At this point there is a little buzz in the classroom. The kids are talking amongst each other with confused looks on their faces.

**I just need to stop here and say that classrooms are made up of kiddos from all different backgrounds and walks of life. You never know what they are going to say or what they mean.  Example:  Some years the S word means "shut up" or "stupid" other years the S word means "@#!^&"**

Okay, back to the classroom....another student raises their hand.  "Mrs. Kirby, "ho" is inappropriate?"  (Great.  I can tell by this question I have gone too far, this is not where they were going.)  Me: "Weeeellll."  Another student yells out, "Santa says it!"  AH HA!!  Me: "Yes, you're right.  I believe that is more of a sound that he is making and not necessarily a word.  I want you making words not sounds."  ......and their innocence is restored.  All the kids shook their heads in total agreement and continued on with their word building skills and I gave myself a high five for making an awesome save.


  1. OMG! Are you serious? That is really funny /crazy. I've been through the same scenario. Kids now a days!! 😱

  2. Second graders and their words! Too funny!