Friday, February 7, 2014

FREEBIE on a Snowy FrIdAy

It's a SNOW DAY!!  Oh, the excitement of a snow day.  It's like a special little gift wrapped in snow.  It's not that I really want to be out........I have a ton to do, it's just the unexpectedness of it all that excites me. 

Can we discuss the panic that took place yesterday at school???

The panic that people have in Texas makes me giggle a little.  You should have seen the school yesterday.  Children were bouncing off the walls.  The intercom was going off every 2 minutes calling for students to come down because they were being picked up.  Children were bouncing off the walls.  The team leader's walkie talkies were going off for additional children that were not being announced on the intercom.  The children were bouncing off the walls.  At 11:30 they announced we would be dismissing early and the entire school would need to go to the lunchroom to eat before the early dismissal at 12:20.  The children were trying to climb the walls.  Adults were yelling "Be Quiet!".  It was chaos, people!!  I kept thinking something awful must be going on and I'm going to be struck by it while I'm running around with a walkie talkie trying to herd children.  What was happening??????


Something SILLY happens to small children and adults when they see small white flurries falling from the sky.  Did I mention I have a window in my classroom? ....and that the children were bouncing off the walls.  It got a little silly in there.

Personally, snow gives me warm fuzzies, which makes me want to share.  So here is a fun little craftivity we did with some Laura Numeroff books.
                                                    {click here to get it FREE}

Enjoy your Friday friends!!  I will be enjoying my Snowy Friday at home!



  1. Thanks for sharing the freebie! My kiddos love Laura Numeroff books!

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  2. Thank you for the freebie! Could you send me some a copy of a finished one? I would love to see what it looks like. Thank