Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just a Little Math Review {freebies}

A little review is what we need to do.  My kiddos seemed to have a difficult time with tricky wording on their unit tests.  Tricky words?!  Those tricky little words really upset me....but I'm determined to help me kiddos pay close attention.  I made an activity for them to practice fact families BUT they must be careful not to be TRICKED.  

You can pick up this activity here.  Another tricky little concept for my sweeties this year....reading thermometers.  We have spent lots of time with number lines and skip counting and we've got it!  What we were having trouble with is interpreting the weather outside reading a thermometer.  Easy Peasy! - but surprised that they had trouble with this concept.  Soooo we go back and fix this.  If this is something you could use, you can pick it up here


Happy Tuesday!!