Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Little Bit of This and That

This post will truly be a little of this and a little of that so stay with me.  As much as I don't want to share's a must.  It's too funny and terrible not to share.  So let me give you the sweet and sassy of it.

The Sweet:

Word Wall Celebrations {click here}are a great way to get the kids moving and using their entire body to memorize these difficult words.  The kids LOVE this time each week.
The Sassy:

Although, you are witnessing nice handwriting, this child's partner did NOT follow directions.  This poor girl has the word "child" written on her shirt.  UGH!!---The celebration was called back tracer.  We traced the sight word with OUR FINGERS on a partner's back.  Well, everyone except her sweet partner.  He decided to use a marker. What?!?!  The word we were practicing was actually "children" I noticed what he was doing at about the "child" point.  At least he spelled it correctly. :(

Do you guys have fundraisers at your school??  I love all the hard work our PTO puts into our school fundraisers but this year it has been over the top.  The kids receive a penguin to hang from a lanyard-that they are supposed to wear everyday for 2 weeks.

The Sweet:
Penguins are cute.  Everyone loves penguins.

The Sassy:

My desk is becoming a rookery.  I have penguins being traded for lunches, penguins hanging from children's mouths, and penguins having karate wars while I'm teaching.  I'm ready for the fundraiser to be over.  

We have been spending some time reviewing doubles.  Do you have tricks to help your kids remember? 

The Sweet:

I've become a rapper.  What! What!  That's right.  I rap the doubles. :)  These too cool for school teachers have inspired me to be a rapper.

The Sassy:
If my family saw me in action they would be humiliated.  I actually have a group of kids currently in the process of creating their own video of the rap.  I can't think of a better way to learn than become a rapper yourself. Right?!  You can pick up my poster here.

Okay, I told you this was going to be all over the place.  My big Sass went to homecoming this weekend.  

The Sweet:

A great group of kids making great memories together.

The Sassy:
Okay, so the parents may have gotten carried away.  If her parents didn't invite us over then we probably wouldn't have gotten any cute pics.  

Why doesn't he like his picture taken?  Anyway, this was him 30 minutes before time to leave....not a care in the world.  Sooo different for boys than girls.

Enjoy your week!!

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