Friday, August 16, 2013


Hi Sweet Friends!  My big baby is turning 16 this weekend, so I'm here to give little gifts to celebrate.  Yay!!  You know that I'm going to share a few pics of him before you get your {freebies}.

Okay, it's time for {freebies} or I'm going to cry.  
This is a center activity that integrates reading and math.  I've included 60 of the first sight words that are introduced in Texas Journey's basal.  The students will be reading these words and writing addition sentences to match.  They are also on the lookout for DOUBLES, because in this game DOUBLES are worth more.  You can pick this up at my TPT store.

This is a math center activity to help the kids recognize the addend to create the double addition sentence.  They must be the first to fill their backpack with each school supply (addend). I've also included blank game boards and supply cards.  This gives the kids the opportunity to create their own DOUBLES game.  You can pick this goodie up at my TPT store.

This activity lets the kids practice adding 3 numbers, read and locate states on the map, and compare sums.  You can pick it up at my TPT store.

This is my final freebie today friends!  This math activity is a little more challenging and will be great once the kids spend some time reviewing their related math facts.  They move around this game board by stating the related math fact.  For example, if they land on the math fact 9-3, they will need to recognize that the related math fact is 6+3.  You can pick this up at my TPT store.

Enjoy these goodies, they are only {free} this Friday. Stop by TBA for other freebies.

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Now I'm off to clean.

Have a SWEET weekend!! 



  1. I can relate, Shannon! My little one turned 16 this summer and I suddenly realized how much I miss that little 3 year old that he used to be. Boo! *sigh* The flip side is that at least now I know he turned out to be a lovely young man. We can take comfort in that!
    Whimsy Workshop

  2. Enjoy your weekend too. Thanks for the freebies :>)

  3. Such a handsome boy! Thanks so much for the freebies!