Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Teacher FAIL

We LOVE to share our successes and everything that goes right...but what about when it goes wrong.  I'm here today to make ya'll feel better.  

Okay, I found the COOLEST little puzzles and made some pretty cute gift tags.  

(yucky picture)

If you find puzzles to gift you are welcome to use these tags just pick them up here.

Now, this is where it gets good.  These were a great price at my local party store and because they came in bulk packages I had a few extra.  My sweet kiddos wanted to try them.  They were excited about it......yay!!! that means the students will be too.

So, they tried them and tried and tried and tried.  We are talking a 9 yr old and 15 yr old...really?!

Okay, an hour later my son (15) completed his and my daughter......completely frustrated.

I will be taking these cool little puzzles back to our party supply store and sticking with something "yummy".

Thank goodness I didn't pass these out....can you imagine the frustration, tears, and defeat I would have exposed my class to before school ever started.  

Have a SWEET weekend!!

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