Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Teacher FAIL

We LOVE to share our successes and everything that goes right...but what about when it goes wrong.  I'm here today to make ya'll feel better.  

Okay, I found the COOLEST little puzzles and made some pretty cute gift tags.  

(yucky picture)

If you find puzzles to gift you are welcome to use these tags just pick them up here.

Now, this is where it gets good.  These were a great price at my local party store and because they came in bulk packages I had a few extra.  My sweet kiddos wanted to try them.  They were excited about it......yay!!! that means the students will be too.

So, they tried them and tried and tried and tried.  We are talking a 9 yr old and 15 yr old...really?!

Okay, an hour later my son (15) completed his and my daughter......completely frustrated.

I will be taking these cool little puzzles back to our party supply store and sticking with something "yummy".

Thank goodness I didn't pass these out....can you imagine the frustration, tears, and defeat I would have exposed my class to before school ever started.  

Have a SWEET weekend!!

Friday, August 16, 2013


Hi Sweet Friends!  My big baby is turning 16 this weekend, so I'm here to give little gifts to celebrate.  Yay!!  You know that I'm going to share a few pics of him before you get your {freebies}.

Okay, it's time for {freebies} or I'm going to cry.  
This is a center activity that integrates reading and math.  I've included 60 of the first sight words that are introduced in Texas Journey's basal.  The students will be reading these words and writing addition sentences to match.  They are also on the lookout for DOUBLES, because in this game DOUBLES are worth more.  You can pick this up at my TPT store.

This is a math center activity to help the kids recognize the addend to create the double addition sentence.  They must be the first to fill their backpack with each school supply (addend). I've also included blank game boards and supply cards.  This gives the kids the opportunity to create their own DOUBLES game.  You can pick this goodie up at my TPT store.

This activity lets the kids practice adding 3 numbers, read and locate states on the map, and compare sums.  You can pick it up at my TPT store.

This is my final freebie today friends!  This math activity is a little more challenging and will be great once the kids spend some time reviewing their related math facts.  They move around this game board by stating the related math fact.  For example, if they land on the math fact 9-3, they will need to recognize that the related math fact is 6+3.  You can pick this up at my TPT store.

Enjoy these goodies, they are only {free} this Friday. Stop by TBA for other freebies.

{click here}
Now I'm off to clean.

Have a SWEET weekend!! 


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Something Old, Something New and Blue

My classroom is slowly coming together.
I feel like I can't even begin to plan or think about anything else until the classroom is ready.  I will post pics of my classroom and (hopefully) others next week.  We have some super duper creative teachers on my campus and I would LOVE to show them off.  Stay with me, I'll be back next week with pics.

Okay, let me start with something OLD.  See this little schedule pocket chart....
Yes, I had to have this.  If I had this then I would never be late for specials again.  The kids would never ask "what time is lunch?" again.  Well, I finally got this neat little schedule chart and guess what????  I was still mall walking to specials and making special signs with the kids to place next to the clock about the time of lunch.  So, basically, it didn't solve these problems and eventually I quit putting it up.  

Until something NEW and BLUE.
(blue, really has nothing to do with anything, just seems like I should use all these words together) :)

A reading response pocket chart.  Yay!!  I carefully folded this up and used garage sale stickers to number a pocket for each child.  I found these cute little notebooks at Wal-mart, 4 for 89 cents.
Kids LOVE to write, especially if you give them something new and fun to write in.  We will use these to respond to stories that I read to them or a story that they are reading independently.  Once they write their response they will tear it out, fold it once and place it in their number.  I can quickly see who has not responded and who has.  Then I can go through and read their responses or allow them to share with the class later. 
Do you repurpose things in your classroom??   

Friday, August 9, 2013

{FREEBIE} Friday!

These summer Fridays are coming and going a little too fast.  I met with some of my teamies this week.  Actually, it was 1st and 2nd's always nice to catch up and  share ideas.  We ate, talked, ate, stressed, laughed, and talked some more.  Loved it!

A get together just doesn't seem appropriate without a little back to school goodie, right?!  And who doesn't LOVE some Bath and Body lotion??!!

If you need to throw together a quick little gift please feel free to use these tags.

Hop over to TBA to check out other {FREEBIES} this Friday.

Have a SWEET day, friends!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

I Monday MADE IT!!

Hi Sweet and Sassy Friends!!  I have some fun pictures of some things that I have made just in time for school to start and Monday Made It.  {insert cheering and clapping}

Okay, first.......I didn't actually make the bench BUT I did repaint it and get it classroom ready.  That should totally count and the fact that I nearly took out the neighbor's window during the process.  {if your my neighbor reading this--I'm sorry and it's okay}

Here is the before:

{donated by a dear friend-LOVE her}

I need you to picture this:  I'm on my front porch with the lid of the bench resting nicely on the back of the bench (easier for sanding).  I'm using a handy-dandy electric sander.  Super powerful.  I place the sander on the lid and push the button..........OH. MY. WORD. the board shoots across the yard towards the neighbors window. YIKES!!  A little embarressing but no one saw, so I pick it up bring it back and this time I hang on to it.  Apparently this neat little sander has a bag that attaches to it to catch all the sawdust......didn't know this and didn't allow any pictures to be taken of me.  I was covered from head to toe in red paint.  My little sass was terrified because she thought I had hurt myself and was bleeding from my pores.  {not sure why she thought I could hurt myself sanding}

Here is the after:

{guess where it is going in the classroom??}

I printed several different fonts from the computer, cut them out, and decoupaged them to the lid.  After that dried I covered the entire lid with polyurethane.  Project complete!  Easy Peasy. ;)

Next up computer bucket seats.  I actually made these several years ago but it was time for a facelift OR seatlift. 

I traced the bucket lid on foam padding and cut it out.  Covered it with material and attached it with a staple gun.

Since this is a Monday Made-it, I've gotta brag about my lil' sass.  This week she attended a sewing workshop.
She made a new pillowcase and is now ready to sew herself a new wardrobe {according to her}.  

Okay, my final made-it....I finished my classroom decor pack and gave it free to new followers this weekend.  You can also get it free today at my tpt store. {click here

I'm linking up today with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics so hop over there and see the other Monday Made-its.

Have a super sweet day!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

HUGE {freebie} for Friday

Soooo an hour and a half later and I'm wrapping up my blog hopping.  Does this count as exercise???  No,......too bad because I would have rocked it this morning.......  There are so many wonderful giveaways going on right now, my facebook page is probably a mess from all the things I've recently liked in order to join a giveaway.  Sheesh!!

Can you believe it's August???  I've tried to make a little time each day for the last week to work in my classroom.  So. much. to. do.

I've finished a few things but I spend a lot of time doing things that I shouldn't be worrying about.  Focus. Focus. Focus.  Such as, clock labeling......


This has led to my freebie for ya'll!!  I've been busy making my classroom decor and thought maybe someone else would like the same colors.  The decor in my classroom will be black, white, and turquoise.  I'm thinking about adding a bubble gum theme so you will notice this packet also has bubble gum themed decor.

Yes, it looks busy......That's because it is!!  So much to use and choose from for your classroom.  This packet contains:
    *center labels
*classroom labels
*clock labels
*word wall alphabet
*abc board toppers
*number cards
*discipline chart
*back to school night goodie bag labels
*AR point display

This is how you get it for FREE.  I would love for you to follow my blog and like my Facebook page, once you've completed those two things (that is IT...that's ALL you have to do), leave me a comment below with your email address and I'll be sending it your way.  It's just a freebie through this weekend after that you can buy this at my Tpt store.  I can't wait to send it to you.

Have a Sweet Day!!