Friday, July 19, 2013

The Sweet and Sassy of Freebie Friday

The Sweet:

Hi Sweet Friends!!  I'm excited to share a FREEBIE with you.  I've linked up with Teaching Blog Addict to share with others so stop to see what else you can use.

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WHA...??!!?!  I've completed something in time for a linky party.  The computer didn't crash and TPT took less than 10 minutes to upload.  Seriously.

The Sweet:

This little freebie is from an idea I got from a workshop that I attended with my sweet friend over at Smitten with First.  I think the best part of the workshop was talking with Michelle and sharing Pinterest ideas with each other at the back table.

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These are very simple but I think they are a great visual for the kids.  I think that it's important that these are used along with actual items that they've counted and sorted into groups. 

I also purchased some great little place value dice.  Plus, I love the little goodies you get when you attend workshops.

Another great little idea was the small chalkboard made from black contact paper on card stock.  Super easy and cheap to make a class set and give the kids something different to record math problems.

The Sassy:

We drove an hour both days to meet up and share ideas we found on Pinterest.  The workshop......just wasn't what we thought it would be.  We did get really good at taking selfies.  It took several pics to get the right one........and notice our photo bomber, yea, he was the principal of one of the attending schools.  He obviously felt the same way we did.

The Sweet:

We are making our last road trip this weekend.  We're headed to Houston to pick up my Big guy.  He has been gone most of the summer playing baseball and our family just hasn't been the same without him.  :( 

The Sassy:

I'm a little over road trips.  After driving riding to Florida and Oklahoma, these long trips are losing their appeal.  The Mr. is an AH.MAZ.ING driver..........I am so thankful for him.  It has to been some sort of mental thing but I'm not tired in the car EVER unless I HAVE to drive, then I suddenly have narcolepsy.  This is the truth......seriously.  

The Sweet:
Little Sass practiced her driving skills on the farm in Ok.....

The Sassy:

...but I think she would be too easily distracted to drive to Houston this weekend.

Be Sweet!


  1. Love it all!!!! Love the plave value cards!!!! :)

  2. Aren't those workshops the worst? At least you had a friend to commiserate with...your photo is adorable!

  3. Place value can be a bear! I'm going to share this with my hubby who teacher third.
    I would love for you to link up to my Christmas in July Linky Party. It does not have to be a holiday activity. Just grab the button and link up.
    I Dream of First Grade