Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Goodbye Classroom.......Hello Summer

I wasn't sure if I was going to survive the seemed to come so fast and then so much to do!!  I was originally supposed to move my room, after packing a few boxes plans changed.  So, I packed, unpacked, stuffed (I'm going to regret this in August), trashed (not enough stuff), and shared as much as I could.  

I spent a lot of time (too much) trying to decide my end of year gifts or keepsakes for the kids.  Finally I decided on a letter to each student and a picture with me.  I think they turned out summer cute and I didn't break the bank.

They kids really liked them too.  It makes my heart happy when they tell me how much they love things that I pour my heart into.

We finally finished our novel unit Roxie and the Hooligans.  Our week long unit became two weeks because of assemblies and last minute changes of our schedules.

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BUT I LOVE how this turned out.  The kids loved it and we had fantastic conversations about this book.  We ended the unit with a Roxie or Norman craft and a letter to one the bullies written from the perspective of Roxie or Norman.  Greatness!!  They did such a great job!

Then my husband's sweet Granny came over from Australia to stay with us for a week visit.  My husband planned lots of sight seeing all over Dallas for them BUT I think she was happy just to visit the malls.  She wore them out....even my lil' sassy pants shopper.  Granny can SHOP until everyone else DROPS.  All that shopping deserves a pedi. 

Well, this post is going out later than I wanted it to BUT technically we are still in school because we had training yesterday and ONE MORE on Friday.     

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