Thursday, May 23, 2013

What Happens When Teachers Skip School???


You end up in the same place that every school in the metroplex is taking their end of year field trip. Haha!! That's okay because I didn't skip to get away from children OR that I even need a break from children, it was more like a family skip day. Just quality time with each other. During this time of year, the Mr. spends ALL of his extra time working part time jobs for extra money for our vacations. I'm so thankful for him and how hard he works but we really start missing him.

It was hot but we had great conversations and the kids filled out their All Star Ballots. By the look on their faces you'd think Nolan Ryan personally asked them to fill it out. They're so cute.

Anyway, back to the day I skipped school...we were all so excited because we were going to the Rangers. The Mr. got a GREAT deal on tickets. When we pulled into the parking lot, there were nothing but buses!! They were everywhere. Once we walked in the ballpark we headed UP, UP, UP, UP to our seats. Whoa NELLY, we were higher than the foul poles. And the sweet school that we sat with LOVED the Rangers, the only bad thing about that was when they got excited they would start shaking and if they had food or drinks in their hands it went all over everyone around them. This was not in any way intentional but the fact that we got such a great deal on our tickets began to make a lot of sense. We had a TON of fun!!

Although, I took half a day off from work, there are still a lot of things happening in the classroom. We are finishing the book Roxie and the Hooligans.

I LOVE this story. It leads to so many great conversations. Especially this time of year when the kids are getting tired of each other. Some are just being tattletales and then some truly are being unkind to each other. This story deals with a little girl that is bullied in school and then ends up on an island with the bullies plus bank robbers. <--they get so into this!!


Oh, I should mention that not all my kids are arguing and fussing with each other, some are actually getting along, too well. You're probably wondering, how can that be?? See these little beauties (pictured below)?? Yea, I had 2 little boys that sit across the room from each other leaning inside their desk talking to each other about how they were coloring a picture.

Me: Why are you 2 using these?

T: Well Mrs. Kirby, we didn't want to interrupt the class by yelling across the room. We wanted to make our pictures the same so we would just tell each other through the walkie talkie.

Me: Well, that was very thoughtful of you boys, but I'll go ahead and hold them for you. :)


The next little incident involved the cool shades that you see below. One of my sweet little boys showed up in class wearing these. He came in, started his morning work, stood up and said the pledge but kept his glasses on the entire time. Hmmm....

K (still wearing these shades): Can I go to the bathroom?

Me: Yes, but K, I'm going to need you to put your sunglasses in your backpack.

K: How did you know it was me??

Me: .........

Silly kids.

Good night, Sweet Friends!



  1. Too funny! That book sounds like JUST the thing I need for this time of year. I am your newest follower! :)
    Diving Into 2nd Grade