Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Scary Storms and Praying for OK

Well, I left school yesterday feeling good and thinking I can't wait to share some the silly things my kids do. That all changed when I got home and saw the news....

My heart has been so heavy for these poor families. About a year ago a tornado come through our small Royse City town and destroyed a few homes. Although it was awful it does not compare to the disaster in Moore BUT I remember just how much it affected everyone in our town. Everyone knew someone that was affected and it was a scary time as parents were racing to the school to check out their children and decisions were being made whether or not we should take cover. I, in no way, can understand what these families in Moore are going through but I've tried to put my thoughts, feelings, and heart in their situation.

One of our local boutiques (my favorite) is selling these t-shirts. 100% of the net profits will benefit the victims and families of Moore. You can order @

I know that if we all do something small it will make a BIG difference.

As for our little town, we once again found ourselves today facing bad weather. By 2:00 I only had 2 children left and at 3 the entire school was placed into 2 rooms, our music room and a classroom. It was hot, scary, and you could occasionally hear sobs from some of the kids. It was hard to tell where they were coming from because they all had their head down and covered. At one point, there was a little boy that lifted up to his knees, put his hands at his chin, closed his eyes, and began praying. Bless their baby hearts!! By 4:30, we were released and the buses started heading to schools. The last kids were loaded and all the teachers were able to go home by 5:30.

My little sweet informed me today that she was glad that we lived in the back of our addition. When I asked her why, she said because the tornadoes might not make it to us. As if they start at the entrance of housing additions and work their way back. Poor thing, these horrible storms truly are hard to understand.


Hug your family tonight!


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