Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day Trash to Treasure

There is nothing more exciting than to finally decide on a gift from your kids to their mommas EXCEPT when it doesn't break the bank. WOOHOO!! That makes me happy. Yes, this truly is a trash to treasure gift.

This is what I LOVE about my husband. He doesn't question me when I say to him "please don't throw {insert any item} away, I need them for school". He just starts a little pile for me until I have enough. So, my newest trash item was Kcups. By the way, I {heart} my Keurig. I think they are the cutest things. They look just like planters, plus I was curious to see the inside of one. I opened them up, cleaned them out, and then spray painted them. Perfect!!

The kids made a heart with their thumbprints and we planted flowers in them. As a momma, I LOVE pictures of my kids, so I decided to add a picture.

I added a clothespin to the back of the Kcups and the kids wrote You Are My Sunshine around the sunshine {diecut}, I added their sweet face to the middle.

Tada!! The only other thing the kids will do is add a poem to the clothespin. We are working on poems this week....and fingers crossed all their seeds will have sprouted by Friday. We only have a few sprouts right now.

Speaking of sprouts, today was flower day for Teacher Appreciation Week. I love to see the kids coming in with flowers, they look so sweet {the kids}. Some of the flowers look as though they were picked straight from their neighbors garden while they were waiting for the bus. LOVE!!!



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