Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day and a Recap of Last Week

Today was an AMAZING day. I LOVE my sweet family so much and they made today EXTRA special for me. I woke up to a very yummy breakfast in bed and then off to church. We were on time today {this is special}. A fabulous lunch, laying out by the pool, family game of four square, and sitting around outside talking and laughing.

Look at my super cute and super fast looking shoes. I had picked these up once and said I liked them and my WONDERFUL husband surprised me with these this weekend. I cannot wait to try them out at 5:30 am.
Oh what a crazy week I had last week. I am looking forward to a more productive and less crazy this week. I think I was completely exhausted and my mind was in a million places. Not that this week won't be busy, maybe I'll just have a better grip on it. So, you say "How exhausted were you?" Well, so tired that I got out of my car at work this week (7:15) and left it running ALL day....(I even attended a house warming party for a coworker in the library after school) Around 4:45 I decided to head home and my truck was stilling running waiting for me to drive it back home. Ummm....I didn't even leave the AC on to have it nice and cool for myself at the end of the day.?! What was I thinking? My sweet husband thought we should make a sign that says "Free to a Good Home" to put on the windows. {sheesh}

We were busy getting ready for our Ma Spa . So exciting....and the kids worked hard to make it special for their mom. This is a special way for the them to show their mommies how important they are to them. I'm so thankful to LessonPlansSOS for their fun idea. We had planned to host this in our cafeteria this year rather than our classrooms to help out some coworkers who were going to be at a training most of the week. On Thursday, we found out that it could not be done in the cafeteria, we would need to host it in the gym. We moved 15 cafeteria tables to the gym an hour and a half before mommas showed up. Whew!! I get tired just thinking about it. We had close to 90 moms attend our spa. I loved watching the kids pamper their moms.

I let the kids practice painting my nails before they did it for their moms. Some of their little hands were shaking from trying to steady themselves.
We made Advice books for mom to read while she enjoyed refreshments. I snapped a few pics of some while they were working but I don't have pics of the final product.......yet.

While trying to get the final touches on this, we were learning about capacity. I can't think of a better way than to play in water.

Yes, it was fun. Yes, it was messy. Yes, only 1 student actually poured water over their tub like I asked. {sigh} I think we went through 2 paper towel rolls. Some children were swimming in their seats. But they learned a lot and were quickly able to understand that 2 cups equals a pint, 2 pints equal a quart, and so on....

Well, that was a recap of last week. Happy Mother's Day to all the mommas out there!! Especially my momma, wish I was closer to share it with her.


Sweet Dreams!


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