Monday, May 27, 2013

Beginning the End

Why am I having such a hard time this year deciding my end of year gifts???  In the past I have made memory scrapbooks with samples of their work from each month, I have made collage pictures of the students throughout the school year with a special note written just to that child, and dvd photo stories.   BUT....I can't seem to make up my mind on what to do this year, and I'm running out of time.  We only have 8 days left!  OH. MY. GOODNESS.  Just sayin' it makes me have anxiety.  While I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do Teaching with Maddeness shared this fabulous freebie.

What an amazing freebie, right?!  Well, I'm very thankful for it and the Teacher's Clubhouse is celebrating 6 years, they will have a new freebie each week for the next six weeks.  YAY!!....for freebies.  Click here to find out more details.

Well, I'm going to finish enjoying my day off, figure out what I'm doing for a gift, and finish by novel unit for Roxie and the Hooligans.  I can't wait to share that with you. 

I want to say a BIG "THANK YOU" to the men and women whom have and are fighting for our freedom each day.  My heart is so grateful.

"Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends" JOHN 15:13

Thursday, May 23, 2013

What Happens When Teachers Skip School???


You end up in the same place that every school in the metroplex is taking their end of year field trip. Haha!! That's okay because I didn't skip to get away from children OR that I even need a break from children, it was more like a family skip day. Just quality time with each other. During this time of year, the Mr. spends ALL of his extra time working part time jobs for extra money for our vacations. I'm so thankful for him and how hard he works but we really start missing him.

It was hot but we had great conversations and the kids filled out their All Star Ballots. By the look on their faces you'd think Nolan Ryan personally asked them to fill it out. They're so cute.

Anyway, back to the day I skipped school...we were all so excited because we were going to the Rangers. The Mr. got a GREAT deal on tickets. When we pulled into the parking lot, there were nothing but buses!! They were everywhere. Once we walked in the ballpark we headed UP, UP, UP, UP to our seats. Whoa NELLY, we were higher than the foul poles. And the sweet school that we sat with LOVED the Rangers, the only bad thing about that was when they got excited they would start shaking and if they had food or drinks in their hands it went all over everyone around them. This was not in any way intentional but the fact that we got such a great deal on our tickets began to make a lot of sense. We had a TON of fun!!

Although, I took half a day off from work, there are still a lot of things happening in the classroom. We are finishing the book Roxie and the Hooligans.

I LOVE this story. It leads to so many great conversations. Especially this time of year when the kids are getting tired of each other. Some are just being tattletales and then some truly are being unkind to each other. This story deals with a little girl that is bullied in school and then ends up on an island with the bullies plus bank robbers. <--they get so into this!!


Oh, I should mention that not all my kids are arguing and fussing with each other, some are actually getting along, too well. You're probably wondering, how can that be?? See these little beauties (pictured below)?? Yea, I had 2 little boys that sit across the room from each other leaning inside their desk talking to each other about how they were coloring a picture.

Me: Why are you 2 using these?

T: Well Mrs. Kirby, we didn't want to interrupt the class by yelling across the room. We wanted to make our pictures the same so we would just tell each other through the walkie talkie.

Me: Well, that was very thoughtful of you boys, but I'll go ahead and hold them for you. :)


The next little incident involved the cool shades that you see below. One of my sweet little boys showed up in class wearing these. He came in, started his morning work, stood up and said the pledge but kept his glasses on the entire time. Hmmm....

K (still wearing these shades): Can I go to the bathroom?

Me: Yes, but K, I'm going to need you to put your sunglasses in your backpack.

K: How did you know it was me??

Me: .........

Silly kids.

Good night, Sweet Friends!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Scary Storms and Praying for OK

Well, I left school yesterday feeling good and thinking I can't wait to share some the silly things my kids do. That all changed when I got home and saw the news....

My heart has been so heavy for these poor families. About a year ago a tornado come through our small Royse City town and destroyed a few homes. Although it was awful it does not compare to the disaster in Moore BUT I remember just how much it affected everyone in our town. Everyone knew someone that was affected and it was a scary time as parents were racing to the school to check out their children and decisions were being made whether or not we should take cover. I, in no way, can understand what these families in Moore are going through but I've tried to put my thoughts, feelings, and heart in their situation.

One of our local boutiques (my favorite) is selling these t-shirts. 100% of the net profits will benefit the victims and families of Moore. You can order @

I know that if we all do something small it will make a BIG difference.

As for our little town, we once again found ourselves today facing bad weather. By 2:00 I only had 2 children left and at 3 the entire school was placed into 2 rooms, our music room and a classroom. It was hot, scary, and you could occasionally hear sobs from some of the kids. It was hard to tell where they were coming from because they all had their head down and covered. At one point, there was a little boy that lifted up to his knees, put his hands at his chin, closed his eyes, and began praying. Bless their baby hearts!! By 4:30, we were released and the buses started heading to schools. The last kids were loaded and all the teachers were able to go home by 5:30.

My little sweet informed me today that she was glad that we lived in the back of our addition. When I asked her why, she said because the tornadoes might not make it to us. As if they start at the entrance of housing additions and work their way back. Poor thing, these horrible storms truly are hard to understand.


Hug your family tonight!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day and a Recap of Last Week

Today was an AMAZING day. I LOVE my sweet family so much and they made today EXTRA special for me. I woke up to a very yummy breakfast in bed and then off to church. We were on time today {this is special}. A fabulous lunch, laying out by the pool, family game of four square, and sitting around outside talking and laughing.

Look at my super cute and super fast looking shoes. I had picked these up once and said I liked them and my WONDERFUL husband surprised me with these this weekend. I cannot wait to try them out at 5:30 am.
Oh what a crazy week I had last week. I am looking forward to a more productive and less crazy this week. I think I was completely exhausted and my mind was in a million places. Not that this week won't be busy, maybe I'll just have a better grip on it. So, you say "How exhausted were you?" Well, so tired that I got out of my car at work this week (7:15) and left it running ALL day....(I even attended a house warming party for a coworker in the library after school) Around 4:45 I decided to head home and my truck was stilling running waiting for me to drive it back home. Ummm....I didn't even leave the AC on to have it nice and cool for myself at the end of the day.?! What was I thinking? My sweet husband thought we should make a sign that says "Free to a Good Home" to put on the windows. {sheesh}

We were busy getting ready for our Ma Spa . So exciting....and the kids worked hard to make it special for their mom. This is a special way for the them to show their mommies how important they are to them. I'm so thankful to LessonPlansSOS for their fun idea. We had planned to host this in our cafeteria this year rather than our classrooms to help out some coworkers who were going to be at a training most of the week. On Thursday, we found out that it could not be done in the cafeteria, we would need to host it in the gym. We moved 15 cafeteria tables to the gym an hour and a half before mommas showed up. Whew!! I get tired just thinking about it. We had close to 90 moms attend our spa. I loved watching the kids pamper their moms.

I let the kids practice painting my nails before they did it for their moms. Some of their little hands were shaking from trying to steady themselves.
We made Advice books for mom to read while she enjoyed refreshments. I snapped a few pics of some while they were working but I don't have pics of the final product.......yet.

While trying to get the final touches on this, we were learning about capacity. I can't think of a better way than to play in water.

Yes, it was fun. Yes, it was messy. Yes, only 1 student actually poured water over their tub like I asked. {sigh} I think we went through 2 paper towel rolls. Some children were swimming in their seats. But they learned a lot and were quickly able to understand that 2 cups equals a pint, 2 pints equal a quart, and so on....

Well, that was a recap of last week. Happy Mother's Day to all the mommas out there!! Especially my momma, wish I was closer to share it with her.


Sweet Dreams!


Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day Trash to Treasure

There is nothing more exciting than to finally decide on a gift from your kids to their mommas EXCEPT when it doesn't break the bank. WOOHOO!! That makes me happy. Yes, this truly is a trash to treasure gift.

This is what I LOVE about my husband. He doesn't question me when I say to him "please don't throw {insert any item} away, I need them for school". He just starts a little pile for me until I have enough. So, my newest trash item was Kcups. By the way, I {heart} my Keurig. I think they are the cutest things. They look just like planters, plus I was curious to see the inside of one. I opened them up, cleaned them out, and then spray painted them. Perfect!!

The kids made a heart with their thumbprints and we planted flowers in them. As a momma, I LOVE pictures of my kids, so I decided to add a picture.

I added a clothespin to the back of the Kcups and the kids wrote You Are My Sunshine around the sunshine {diecut}, I added their sweet face to the middle.

Tada!! The only other thing the kids will do is add a poem to the clothespin. We are working on poems this week....and fingers crossed all their seeds will have sprouted by Friday. We only have a few sprouts right now.

Speaking of sprouts, today was flower day for Teacher Appreciation Week. I love to see the kids coming in with flowers, they look so sweet {the kids}. Some of the flowers look as though they were picked straight from their neighbors garden while they were waiting for the bus. LOVE!!!



My Favorite {Area}!

Area! Area! Area! We just finished area. I actually enjoy teaching this to the kids and they really seem to enjoy it too. We spent last week creating and some recreating their bedrooms and figuring out the area. They LOVED this and I was really impressed with their creativity.

After they made their furniture and decorated it, they had to find the area of each piece. We went on an area scavenger hunt and created our own area pictures. {Click here} if this is something that you could use.


I try to start each day with a different way to greet each and say good morning. Here's a picture of our ET greeting

and our good morning ankle shakes...
This helps us get our days started off on the right foot. (haha!!.......get it???!!!!)

Have a sweet Monday friends!!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kids and The Funny Things They Say

I have to admit I'm loving the instagram with other teachers. I LOVE the pics and brief little comments are perfect for me. I tend to overanalyze what I am trying to say. I think worry to much about how it sounds. Silly?! I know. That's just how I roll. That's why short and sweet is good for me. <--geez, maybe I'm a poet and didn't know it (hahaha.....okay, I'll stop)

Really, I'm just blogging to share the funny things that kids say. They seriously make me laugh out loud all the time. My sweet husband always asks me after I finish telling him a classroom story, did you write that down?? You would have a bestseller and you will want to read that when you retire. {sigh} No, I didn't write it down because I'm too busy keeping notes on so many other things but I KNOW I'm going to wish I had. Maybe this is the start of it......

I have a student who's mother is pregnant with her fourth child and due any day. I think she may be at that miserable stage in her pregnancy. She subs a lot at my school and I had their oldest child in class. This family is very special to me.

Me: Good morning, A! How's your momma doing? Is your new little sister here yet?

A: She's good. No, she hasn't had the baby yet but they are going to self born it tomorrow.

Me: Self born it?

A: Yes, the doctor will have to born it for her because she is taking too long.

Me: Oh, I see.

I love this!! It makes me laugh everytime I think about it.

This next sweet kid tells me stories ALL THE TIME. I'm not sure what is true and what is not true. He is always so serious.

D: Mrs. Kirby, what are the words in my voice?

Me {what in the world???}: Excuse me?

D: You know the words in my voice.

{actually, I have no idea - but this is where balloons and winner bells/alarms should go off}

Me: English??

D: Yea, that's it. I'm writing in my journal about when I lived in Mexico and my dad taught me to have English in my voice.

Me: Oh, I see.

Ya'll, this child has never been to Mexico and his mom informed me that she doesn't know what he is talking about. I love this kid!!

Okay, last one. The past few days we have been observing mealworms and doing different science investigations with them.

We observed the mealworms to see if they preferred black or white paper. The mealworms kept going to the black paper.
Me: Why do you think they might prefer the black paper?
{random student that blurted out without raising their hand}: Probably because their mom and dad are black.
Me: Oh, I see.
Ummm, okay what do I say. :)

I will leave you with this fun picture of my class working in the hallway...........

not because I'm fun and cool like that but because we had a puker first thing in the morning and it was a little stinky in there.
Sweet dreams!